Xtava Curlz Spiral Hair Curler Review

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If making your hair styling salon quality with ease is a high priority for you then this hair curler from xtava is worth a look especially if you don’t want to break the bank in the process. The Curlz Spiral hair curler is a simple, yet unique petite tool that should cater well to people who have thinner straight hair who want to spice it up with soft and even curls. It takes the guesswork out of achieving a quality curl thanks to its spiral design.

The color really pops out at you with a vibrant pink that will always make it easy to find in a cluttered suitcase to quickly prepare for a night out on the town. It also happens to be one of the lightest curlers on the market so it is a cinch to use. While the design might limit the styling options for a more seasoned stylist, a design handbook is included to inspire your creativity. Designed for the beginner with a great price and just enough to interest a pro, there are issues but this curler has potential.

Product description

I hope you like tools that stand out because this is definitely a culprit as the bright color and spiral design have a way of catching your eye. This curler is actually available in three colors so whether your prefer pink, blue, or orange the choice is up to you. The proximity of the curler to the handle is pretty close but thankfully they use an insulated material to keep your hand cool even when this curler is running at full heat.

Speaking of full heat you only get one setting here so you can’t be too greedy. The heat is not too strong though which makes it perfect for people with hair that ranges between thin, and straight, or moderately curly. Meanwhile users with thicker hair will have to deal with a bit more of a waiting period to achieve their desired results.

A small clip is included so you can clip your hair into place before fitting it into the guide which makes curling nice and easy. A 360 degree swivel cord allows this curler to adjust easily and this goes well with the surprisingly lightweight. At only half a pound you will not find many curlers out there that come close to such a small weight. However with that small size the issues become apparent for many users. If you have long or thick hair the curling process can become a daunting task. This curler is best for people with thin medium length hair.

At the same time while this curler can heat up to 400 degrees without any type of LED display harming your hair might not be out of the question. The heat resistant plastic adds to the dilemma as your hair can get stuck especially when compared to a professional tourmaline or ceramic hair curler (for example Remington Pro Clipped or Hot Tools). You can’t complain too much thanks to the price but this will not be the curler for everyone.

Product Features

Xtava Curlz Spiral Hair Curler ReviewThe most notable feature of course comes in the design though there are other things to keep in mind. The guide book that is included will help you achieve a variety of curl styles. If you want to get tighter curls all you have to do is let it set a bit longer. This really is a strong curler when it comes to creating long lasting curls. Back to the design though it can limit your creativity. You will always get curls in the same direction no matter how much you twist and turn it which can lead to one side of your hair having uneven curls or off balance curls if you are not careful.

On the positive side of things this tool is great for giving your curls a nice shine. It does not have the variety of settings you would like to see in a curler even if it is for such a low price. The selling point is quite simple here with the design catering towards curling with ease making it a very simple tool that perhaps lacks in variety to maintain that simplicity. Innovation comes in making a curler that will work well for younger users or adults with certain hair types who want a simple curling option.


  • Creative spiral design allows you to create strong long lasting shiny curls
  • Clip and guide make the process as simple as clip, guide, hold, release and repeat
  • Variety of colors and low price make it a great gifting option for younger users


  • The size while making it easy to use limits the type and length of hair that this model will work well for
  • The plastic build can make styling a bit painful when it comes to letting go of your hair
  • You are limited creatively when it comes to styles in comparison to a more traditional curler

Xtava Curlz Spiral Hair Curler Review Verdict

Xtava Curlz Spiral Hair Curler
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The classic adage of how much time do you have? Gets a hair themed addition of how much hair do you have? Depending on your answer this curler might be adequate for you especially if you are looking for a nice and easy way to achieve strong shining curls. Hopefully your answer is thin hair of a medium length or you could end up spending multiple hours trying to curl your hair with this tool.

The plastic build does not help with this, especially when combined with the lack of a temperature reading device. If possibly harming your hair or dealing with it getting stuck is a major issue for you then this curler might not be the one for you. On the positive side similar curlers with this design can be found most commonly for many times the price. It is also light and colorful with the maneuverability to suit your needs in its swivel cord. While I cannot recommend this hair curler to everyone there is a decent section of the population that will find it perfect for those searching for cheap and effective.

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