What Should Everyone know about Their Hair?

Our hair plays a big role when it comes to completing our looks. We wear it everywhere we go, any way we want it. Some people even base one’s personality on what kind of hair that person has. But what do we really know about our hair? Here are the basics.

When it comes to knowing about one’s hair, one should start with knowing its properties. To learn how to properly take care of your hair, one must know what kind of hair you have. You may have straight, wavy, or curly hair. But besides that, there’s more to one’s hair properties other than the way it looks.

Once you understand the basic properties of your hair, then you will know how to give the needs of your hair correctly because our hair have needs as well!

The Basics

1. Scalp condition

This may vary on whether is oily or dry. Knowing the natural condition of your scalp is a must as oily scalp will often react and produce more oil when a person uses too much conditioner. As for dry scalp, too much application of shampoo daily might worsen its dryness and cause a dandruff problem.

2. Porosity of hair

This property of hair evaluates how open are the cuticles on your hair. If pores is to skin, cuticles is to hair. This shows if the cuticles on your hair are closed, slightly open, or open. Based on how open these cuticles are, this will affect how your hair absorbs moisturizing factors from conditioners.

High porosity hair in which the cuticles are lifted and open, this kind of hair tens to look dull and loses moisture just as fast as it absorbs it. This kind of hair is also the type that is easily damaged and needs intensely moisturizing products to help nourish and hydrate it.

Medium porosity hair has cuticles that are slightly open and this type of hair takes in moisture easily. This is the type is perfect for hair products that are for ‘all hair types”. This type of hair has the best property of all because it easy to manage.

And lastly, low porosity hair have cuticles that lie flat and tends to be shinier than the first two. It tends to repel and not absorb water once wet. It also takes time to wet and dry this kind of hair as well as needs the extra time in the shower to fully saturate the hair with water. People with this hair type.

3. Pattern

This hair property can easily be observed. Hair types could be straight, wavy, and curly.

4. Care for hair

  • It is a must to know that one should not shampoo their hair every single day. Ideally, one should go at least 3-5 days without shampooing their hair to prevent the stripping of natural oils from the hair therefore causing it to dry up and become dry and coarse. The hair oils that the hair naturally produces is a big factor on keeping it healthy. When daily washing is a must, one can opt to co-wash or to just clean one’s hair using conditioner alone to avoid stripping of the hair oils.
  • Another big factor we must consider is the products being used on the hair. Non-sulfate and paraben-free shampoos make a huge difference when it comes to hair care. These chemicals make one’s hair more open causing it frizz and become easily damaged. One should mindfully choose haircare products and avoid chemicals such Silicones, Sulfates, and Parabens.
  • When it comes to dealing with itchy dandruff, it is best to approach it naturally with Apple Cider Vinegar rinse. One table spoon of Apple cider vinegar is to be mixed with one cup of water. Apply this with a spray or applicator on scalp and gently massage it. Do not keep this mixture on your hair for too long as the acidity will cause dryness. It is best to do this once in two weeks or but if dandruff persists, do this whenever needed.
  • To avoid damage when it comes to styling with a curling iron, make sure to ask your stylist to use a hair protectant to protect your hair from being damaged by the heat caused by the curling iron. Constant heat damage to hair is very damaging causing the root to produce damaged hair as well. You need to use safe curling iron like Kipozi flat iron for example.
  • Trimming might not be considered essential when it comes to hair care, but it in fact is. Constant trimming promotes the growth of healthy hair by getting rid of the dry ends every now and then giving more nutrition to new hair growth. Waiting too long for a trim might cause the hair to break eventually.