Tourmaline Ceramic Bead Bubble Hair Curling Iron Dkiwewo Review

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This hair curling tool makes an impact on the market with its low price, gorgeous color scheme, and most of all its unique design that could make it an integral part of your hair care arsenal. The bead bubble design allows you to experiment with a variety of looks while also being more convenient to style with than the traditional clip-less design. From the LED screen for the temperature to the extra-long 360 degrees swiveling the basics are well covered in a surprise for such an affordable and innovative option.

Safety is taken care of with a cool-to-the-touch end and a heat-resistant glove as well. With multiple heat settings and travel-friendly voltage options, the only thing this curling wand is missing is the creativity to put it to good use. Beyond all of the nice touches in this brand use of high-quality materials for the beaded barrel is the part that will really leave you with a shining impression. Dkiwewo may not be one of the most well-known brands on the hair care market, but this curling wand represents a sub $30 alarm bell to all of its competitors that are probably worth responding to.

Product Description

This is the type of curling tool that can catch your eye in the store beyond its creative look the color scheme is quite magnificent. Using a variety of purples, and pinks with a sleek metallic sheen this is a wand that makes for tough competition when it comes to stylish styles, especially in the budget range. A one-inch beaded barrel makes for an inventive twist on the traditional clip-less design. This allows you to create a variety of curls including, loose, wavy, natural, and even tight depending on how you use the wand.

A combination of ceramic and tourmaline makes for a dynamic hair styling tool thanks to its ability to maintain a consistent temperature while also nourishing your hair. Sticking is not an issue and this is compounded by your ability to choose between multiple heating settings for the temperature that is right for your hair type. The thermally insulated tip if of a bulb design as well which will give you a superior grip when compared to most wand ends to give you a higher level of mobility and accuracy when curling.

This should help you cut down on curling time and the long 360-degree swivel cord along with the 1.2-pound weight make this tool as easy on the arms as it is on the eyes. A styling tool that looks this could become a pretty nice value when you factor in how well all of the design was handled, and the unique looks capable because of it. The smooth handle might leave a bit to be desired as far as grip, but overall this is an excellent example of intelligent and stylish design.

Product Features

Tourmaline Ceramic Bead Bubble Hair Curling Iron Wand Dkiwewo Review

The feature list for this curling wand is almost as impressive as the design as a lot of nice touches were made to deliver much more than you usually see in curling wands of this range. The LED screen for temperature reading is a nice touch when many low-priced curling tools give you one temperature where you just have to hope it will be right for your hair.

This tool instead provides an easy way to adjust from 230 to 410 degrees quickly and efficiently making this model great for all hair types. A large voltage range also makes this tool great for traveling with its 2.5-meter swivel cord that even includes a loop near the base so you can hang this tool up if you wish. Safety is well covered as well with some convenient features to protect the user. A sixty-minute auto shut-off function is great for any accidental mistakes and while your wand is accidentally on the anti-surface scalding feature keeps your wand propped up and away from danger.

A heat-resistant glove is also included if you are not as comfortable using the insulated end. For those who are confident and looking to avoid their hair catching on a glove, clips are even included so you can accurately style. When it takes this long to mention that the ceramic tourmaline feeds your hair with negative ions to heal your hair as it reforms it you know that you have a curling wand that goes above and beyond what you would typically find at the budget range. Compare with Bed Head Curlipops


  • Innovative design allows for a lot of variety in hair style choice
  • Quality material barrel gives you great hair care along with consistent temperature at an affordable price
  • LED screen with multiple temperature settings allows you to adjust to the perfect setting for you hair type and desired style


  • Smooth handle looks great but could be hard to grip especially when wet
  • Relatively short barrel could limit long haired users styling flexibility
  • Unknown company could lead to issues when it comes to customer service

Tourmaline Ceramic Bead Bubble Hair Curling Iron Review Verdict

Tourmaline Ceramic Bead Bubble Hair Curling Iron Wand Dkiwewo
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If you haven’t gotten the hint so far I will end the suspicion by saying this is a great choice for anybody looking for a fully-featured and stylish hair curling wand who does not want to break the bank. From the safety features to the quality of the innovative barrel there is a lot to like here and this model brings more to the table as far as creativity and functionality than you will find in many curling tools under $30.

It is a bit heavier than some models though it fits in right around the average and its ability to perform well overseas or domestically along with the extra goodies such as the heat resistant glove and hair clips make the value even more staggering. It is hard to find anyone I would not recommend this tool to thanks to its price and innovation. Even though it belongs to a lesser-known brand I believe this curler is worth a leap of faith.

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