Sultra The Bombshell Rod Curling Iron Review

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When it comes to curling your hair and many other things sometimes the simplest solution also happens to be the best one. I believe Sultra had this idea in mind when they created The Bombshell Rod. While some curlers bring bright colors and intricate designs this one takes it back to the basics and hopes that you too can find the beauty in its simplicity. It backs this up with the ability to produce superb long-lasting curls that have the capacity to outlive the hold of the majority of the market thanks to the strong technology. With this technology though comes a high price that takes the price of a cheap curler and then throws in a hundred dollars.

Sultra has faith though that people are willing to spend more for a superior product and they go a long way towards making their dream come true. The quality of the curl produced is enough to make professional stylists pick this one up and it will challenge your skill with its design that some would call dangerous. Did they do enough to circumvent all the possible issues? How about you be the judge?

Product description

Sultra The Bombshell Rod Curling Iron Review

This hair curling wand throws all the basic conventions out the window. If you don’t like dealing with the crimps that clipping your hair can create then this wand should be right down your alley. The wand really is the perfect label for this curler as you have a widened simplistic handle leading towards the smaller one-inch curling barrel at the end. This wand is all black for a professional look that would fit quite well into anyone’s beauty collection. With a thirteen-inch length, you get a bit over a six-inch area to work with.

The barrel is made of high-quality ceramic that is specially designed to not harm your hair which is pretty nice considering you only get one temperature setting to work with at 380 degrees. This is about the perfect temperature however with the technology making it appropriate for all types of hair whether thin, curly, coarse, or thick you can expect a great curl (look at my temperature table).

You still want to properly protect your hair with the right products before use though like any hair curler just to be safe and also improve the end result. A simple on and off switch and a light that indicates whether it is on or not are all you get for controls. While most curlers stop at around six feet this one gives you nine feet to work with along with its 360 degrees swiveling cord for some extra utility. One of the strongest aspects of this curling wand is its resilience as curlers are prone to break. This one stands out as a long-lasting tool that also creates long-lasting curls, it just has a bit of a learning curve that can be solved with a few hair clips and maybe some YouTube videos.

Product Features

Since this curling wand is so simplistic in its design and still warrants such a high price it should come as no surprise that it has a strong list of built-in features. The most important of which is of course the ceramic barrel. This model uses a dual heating system to deliver a strong and consistent 380 degrees which help contribute to this curler outperforming many others when it comes to the time that it holds curls. The ThermaTru ceramic heating system generated infrared heat that not only makes the curling process quick but also mends your hair making the styling process a healthy addition as opposed to the dangerous proposition that less technologically influenced curlers to deliver. The voltage is universal making it great for travel overseas with the proper adapters.

An auto-off function is also included to make sure it is safe for travel. Staying on safety is the biggest worry for a curling wand with no clip in burning yourself in the process. So they include a heat-resistant glove to take away that danger. It can catch onto your hair however so you might be more comfortable using hair clips and a bit of caution. A heat-resistant traveling pouch is also included to get you on your way safely. As the final safety measure, a pad is included for placing the curling wand when it is not in use to avoid damaging your surfaces. This curling wand is the fitting of its heightened price due to this adaptive list of features that belie this tool’s simplistic appeal.


  • Creates soft long lasting curls in half the time thanks to its clipless design
  • ThermaTru Infrared technology allows this to be one of the few curling tools on the market that can improve the health of your hair
  • Variety of safety measure allow you to achieve maximum functionality without too much worry


  • The price is towards the high end for only professional level curling tools
  • Lack of heating settings could be an issue
  • No display makes it set and forget but also makes the design lack in functionality

Sultra The Bombshell Rod Curling Iron Review Verdict

Sultra The Bombshell Rod Curling Iron
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If you were lost on a deserted island and you still were worried about looking good when the saviors finally came to get you back to civilization this is the type of hair curler that you would want to have. The high-quality material will allow you to keep your hair looking great for an extended period of time. The universal voltage will allow it to work with whatever middling electricity you can find. The safety options allow you to take the time to master the tool in complete safety until you are ready to take the glove off and see what you can do. It might not have the colors to use as a signal, but it is much more effective as a hair styler alone without those digressions. This is a professional-level tool for people who are serious about quickly creating long-lasting curls. If you are willing to invest then it is hard to go wrong here with very little to complain about, and quality pretty much guaranteed.

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