Salon Tech Titanium 450 Review


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The Salon Tech Titanium 450 is considered to be one of the top-notch flat irons in the market. This device will give you superfast results. It helps reduce the time you spend styling your hair, so you can have time for other important things. The Salon Tech PFIP151 can smoothen your hair in just one stroke while maintaining sleek and exceptionally shiny hair.


Heat Settings

The Salon Tech has a maximum heat temperature of 450 F (230 degrees Celsius). This device has a digital temperature that prevents damage to your hair. Because of this ability, you can work with it one very thick hair – other types of hair texture are not exempted. It has a short heat up time. The instantaneous heating will help save your time. This device is equipped with a dial that allows you to adjust the temperature to best suit your needs. The Salon Tech has a built-in microprocessor that enables it to reach high temperatures as well as recover quickly.


Salon Tech has proved to be both convenient and comfortable for professionals and beginners. You don’t need to have any advanced technical knowledge to operate this flat iron. It is super light in weight. The weight will allow you use it for long without tiring your hands. The lightweight casing makes it easier to transport if you find yourself in need of some hair straightening while you’re traveling.
The Salon Tech PFIP151 also has a sleek body which makes it comfortable to hold during prolonged hair settings. The display on the handle is in Fahrenheit and Celsius – helpful to those that can understand temperature readings in either of the two measurements. It features a swivel cord that allows for easy mobility while in use.

Titanium Plates

The titanium plates allow for easy and quick heating of this device. It allows the Salon Tech PFIP151 to offer convenient and optimum hair straightening results without causing any hair damage.

Suitable for different hair type

Salon Tech Titanium 450 can handle the styling needs of women with different hair types. It is ideal for thick, wavy, and curly hair.

Use of Keratin Treatment

This flat iron was designed to be suitable for keratin treatments. It’s great for Brazilian and Japanese Keratin treatments. The keratin treatment helps to smoothen your hair and make it ultra-soft and shiny. It is safe to use on chemically treated and slightly damaged hair. It also contributes to providing moisture to the hair and makes it healthy.

Automatic Shutoff

The Salon Tech PFIP151 can automatically shut off if not used after 30 minutes. Such a feature is suitable for people who usually forget to put off their appliances while leaving the house. You get to have peace of mind when you use this hair iron.

No Damage to Hair

The Salon Tech is capable of straightening your hair in just one pass. It also helps reduce the damage to hair while styling.


This flat iron holds good reviews and ratings on Amazon and other websites. While it has many good reviews from people who’ve used it, there are also complaints by others. It is compact which allows for easy handling. The swivel cord which comes with it is something that fascinates a lot of people. Another great feature is the on/off switch – it even lets you know when the iron is ready by displaying a blue light. Many users have found this feature very useful. One Buyer on Amazon even pointed out the fact that it literally heats up in seconds. She considers this a plus and big-time saver.
The one-year warranty that the manufacturer of this flat iron offers is too short. A lot of people have found this warranty period to be too short for a product of this nature. There are some reviews by buyers that show that the product does not have a long life span/high failure rate, especially when used in high temperatures. If you are using this flat iron for personal use or operating it at lower temperatures, then you may have a good chance of using it for a long time. It is not that suitable for professional use, but it all still boils down to your skill and care.
The fact that you can use the Salon Tech on different hair types is what makes it fascinating. After use, you will get smooth and shiny hair – no frizz – no fuzz.

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