Remington S6600 Ultimate Styling Hair Straightener Review

Remington S6600 Ultimate Styling Hair Straightener Review

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When it comes to hair straighteners not all are created equally. They all have a basic ability to straighten hair, though certain models come with extra capabilities to help you style your hair. The question is always are these capabilities more effective than other options, or do they get in the way of the primary functionality that you are looking for. The sleek and stylish looking hair straightener with accents might end up being your multi-tool that leads you towards hair care supremacy.

A hair straightener that can create four specific hair styles is the goal here, and Remington follows that up with all of the quality that you would expect. You do not have to splurge for this one either as this tool has an affordable price around $20 putting it into the lower price range which is great if this tool can provide the utility that you are looking for.

Finding the line between a strong product at a low price while also adding a gimmick, they are hoping will be called a feature. This hair straightener from Remington is in a unique position without too much pressure to perform thanks to its low price.

So read along and find out if this model can solve all your problems, or if it is another product that aimed too high only to come crashing down to earth.

Product Description

While the rest of the market tries to deliver better versions of the same old tried and true this model from Remington brings some creativity to the game and it helps this product provide tremendous value. The design is somewhat simplistic with the standard for till you get around the ceramic plates where you will find multiple configurations for a variety of hair styles.

While most straighteners just straighten this one also promised to deliver you curls in three separate varieties from loose to tight. The ceramic plates give you consistent heat coverage so your hair does not get harmed and you get that nice glossy shine that catches people eyes.

The color scheme is a bit questionable however as silver, teal, and black all look great on their own but the way they come together in this design might not delight every customer. The multiple avenues of styling are nice here but the design itself is pretty basic and it might feel a bit cheaper in your hands than some higher end models.

The handle and design is curved to keep it comfortable in your hands and it has a light weight at 1.2 pounds to handle whichever styling process you need at the moment. While the variety of hair styles possible is a strong selling point it also opens up this tool to issues with hair catching that could make this tool a bit of a pain.

However if you pay attention to the instructions using this tool in numerous ways should not be too much of an issue with practice. This tool can reach up to 400 degrees giving it the range to cover a variety of hair types though those with especially thick hair might be left wanting when it comes to long lasting curls without another fifty degrees or so of heat to press in the look.

A rotating switch gives you the control over the heating instead of a more visible LED screen. You can not discount how much Remington was able to cram into this petite styler while keeping the price reasonable and even if everything does not function as smoothly together as possible. The sheer variety that this model provides makes it worth considering.

Product Features

The main feature is of course the freedom that you have with this tool to have it solve many of your hair care problems at the same time. You have the choice of straightening, loose natural curls, medium wavy curls, or tight bouncy curls at the tip of your fingers once you understand how each style is achieved.

The temperature is pretty much guaranteed to stay constant with the ceramic plates that provide stability, don’t catch your hair, and also lock in the moisture so your hair doesn’t dry out and fry during the styling process. You have a choice of 30 different heating settings as well and this tool can heat up in just 30 seconds. Keeping with the time trend and moving onto safety we have a auto shut off mechanism that kicks in after an hour to protect you from some accidental burns.

A long 360 degree swivel cord also gives you the mobility to work with all of this tools features. The one major thing we are missing here is the voltage range that would allow it to be a good tool for traveling, however if you keep it domestic that will not be an issue. A very solid list of features for such an affordably price model.


  • Creative and versatile design gives you the option for four separate hair styles
  • Choose from 30 different heating settings
  • Ceramic plates lock in your hairs moisture


  • Can be a little clunky to use the options beyond straightening which can lead to painful hair catching
  • Lack of high end temperature options make this tool all but useless for very difficult hair
  • Not great for travel

Remington S6600 Hair Straightener Verdict

Everyone wants a tool that can do everything for them but that is hard to do especially at an affordable price which leads this product to mixed results. Some people will be able to use this tool to its maximum potential and receive a tremendous value.

Other user will find it to be a bit more trouble than its worth and only use it for straightening. On straightening alone there are better options out there, though if you have the guts to try to get everything from this product it is possible. Just don’t expect it to be the easiest task you’ve ever had.

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  • Remington S6600 Ultimate Styling Hair Straightener
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