Remington Pro Clipped Curling Iron Review


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The Remington Pro Clipped curling iron (model CI9132U) is a relatively new 1 ¼ in. curling iron ideal for creating big loose or medium curls with a natural bounce similar to those of vintage models that will never get out of style. Although most people use it for styling at home, salons can also find this handy thanks to its fast heating thermaluxe technology.

Basic Features:

  • Comes with a 1¼” Clipped Barrel (for creating big bouncy curls)
  • Ceramic coating material
  • US voltage system
  • Delivers up to 10 heat settings (based on hair type and needs)
  • Features salon length swivel cord
  • Comes with a heat-resistant pouch
  • Weighs ½ pounds
  • Comes with a 4-year warranty in case you get a faulty device


  • Unique Thermaluxe Technology. This special technology is equipped with heat sensors that keep an even temperature throughout the barrel and heat fast in just 30 seconds.This results also in locking-in the style and make it last longer compared to an ordinary curling iron.
  • Very flexible. The iron has a salon length swivel cord that allows you to hold your curling wand with ease. No need to stretch the cord or your hand excessively to hold it. Furthermore, it doesn’t tangle even when used from multiple angles.
  • Anti-slip technology. This is made of ceramic material that allows a firm grip without a slip and without having to wrap another section again.
  • Ideal for grabbing larger sections of hair. If your hair is very rich, long and dense, the design of this curling iron will allow you to grab larger sections of hair on the go.
  • Remington Pro Clipped Curling Iron Review

  • Gets heated up fast. No need to sit around and wait more than 30 seconds for it to heat up. This is also useful for fast salon use.
  • Minimal damage to the hair. Both the materials and features of this curling are made to yield minimal to none damage to the hair when using the device.
  • High range of settings. The iron can be set to 10 different settings for different types of hair types, from ultra fine to kinky and afro. The highest setting is 410 F degrees.
  • Suitable for both home and salon use. The design and steadiness of the product makes it ideal for home and salon use.
  • Safe to use. As Remington is a trusty grooming and hair styling name in the biz, this model doesn’t fall short when it comes to safety and no accidents have been reported by users so far. The auto-shut off feature also adds to its safety when enabled for users that sometimes forget to turn the device off after using it. And the best part is, this comes with a 2-4 year warranty and protection in case you experience issues.


  • Only suitable for US users. The device functions in a single US Voltage range and cannot be used in travelling outside US, even with the use of a converter. Doing so might expose the device to accidents.
  • Doesn’t produce more than 1-2 types of curl. If you are looking for a versatile all-in-one iron, this is not the model to opt for as it’s mainly for getting loose bouncy and natural looking or vintage style curls. The depth of these curls depends on how long you use it but in general, it can only achieve up 2 curl styles.
  • May pull and snatch hair. Some of its users online report that the clamp catches and pulls some of their hair out when trying to release the curl. Thus, if your hair is prone to breakage this may be a serious issue if you are not careful enough.
  • Not the best iron for salon use. Although this is very flexible and designed for both salon and home use, we can’t really reckon that it's the top or among the top 5 curling irons for salon use. The iron performs ok and heats up fast but it’s not versatile if you are looking to create multiple types of curls depending on the client.

How To Use:

As the design of Remington Pro Clipped Curling Iron resembles the typical design of most curling irons with a clamp, it’s fairly easy to use and instruction don’t differ from using a regular curling iron with a clamp. There are though some small tips and tricks to get the best results as possible with minimal damage to your hair. Here is how:

  • Before you start using the device, use a heat protectant spray and gloves to protect both your hair and your hands from burning.
  • Start grabbing large (2 in.) of hair, open the clamp and wrap around the hair to the barell. Release carefully after 8-10 seconds for each section.
  • Use the “turbo feature” to directly set the device to the highest setting which is 410 F.
  • For more natural looking results, separate the curls with your fingers although be careful not to run each section more than once as that will decrease their lasting time.

Price Range:

The average prices range for this model is anywhere from $25-30 which is very affordable for almost everyone. The total cost together with the shipping and warranties also ranges from $26-32 for US buyers. Specifically, a 3 year warranty costs approx. an extra $6.44 and a 3 year warranty an average of $3.99. Some people may sell their used device for cheaper, but be careful as often used items are faulty or miss important elements.

Remington Auto Curl Iron Review Verdict:

Remington Pro Clipped Curling Iron
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If you are looking for an affordable middle range iron for loose curls on any type of hair, this is the iron to use. It’s not as versatile as others but it does heat up fast and evenly for even looking and sleek results. On the downside, the iron has a few minor issues that would otherwise make it perfect if they didn’t exist one is its single voltage function and the second is probably the clamp which isn’t long enough and may catch or snap your hair around the barrel in some cases. Overall, not a bad curling iron if you ask us but definitely not perfect either.

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