Remington CI6219 Curl Styler Review

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With a penchant for making high quality styling products this hair styler from Remington promises fast and easy styling with spectacular results, but does it make the cut? Using the power of heat with an inventive design this styler allows you to create medium size curls without much hassle. It works by simply grabbing a nice section of hair and clipping it to the styler. Then you weave the hair along the built in grooves and turn it on to set for a moment. Then unclip your hair and you have created a shiny, lustrous curl with staying power. Depending on how much hair you have to work with you can quickly make a stunning hair style. As long as you have a hair brush, hair clips, and some ingenuity you can create many more hair styles with the simple features that this product provides.

Product description

Remington CI6219 Curl Styler ReviewLike a petite magical wand this hair styler is has two major points of influence when it comes to design choices. First the handle is a bright neon pink that will fit right into your wardrobe if you have a tendency towards flair. Though the more reserved user might find it to be a bit garish as the color choice kind of leans it towards a younger demographic. The styling end is a cylindrical spiral that is made to fit about a half inch of hair for width and create curls for hair to about waist height without too much hassle. The barrel is made of smooth ceramic so it not only heats up quickly, but it also doesn’t snag your hair making the whole process nice and relatively smooth.

The styler is 19 millimeter long which is a bit towards the lower side if you have especially long or thick hair that will add on some time to your styling process, and some people might find this impossible to work with. A nice and long swivel cord allows you to manuever this styler easily which is especially important considering all of the twisting and turning required to make use of its intuitive design. This is not your grandma’s hair styler as it combines high quality and innovation to streamline the hair styling process.

Product Features

The main feature of this product is its ability to create smooth curls quickly. This comes from the ceramic design that is of a higher quality than the average ceramic styler. Remington promises a surface that is twice as smooth as your basic ceramic. Thanks to this material this styler can heat up to 170 degrees celsius (338 degrees fahrenheit) in just 30 seconds, while the end stays cool to the touch to keep the styler relatively easy to work with. The quick heating however does not deliver any type of temperature indicator so you are locked in at something resembling that temperature that you won’t be able to really tell.

Regardless that level of heat is on the lower end for users that have thick hair as your curls won’t last as long so you will have to hold your strands in the styler a bit longer for questionable results. The styler comes with multiple voltage options so it is safe for traveling over seas though you will still need to pick up an adapter, especially if you are in the US as this product is made for the UK style of plug.

A heat proof storage pouch is included for safe travel even if you forget to turn it off. This styler comes with a strong set of features thanks to its intelligent design leaving the user only looking for a bit more customization as the tool itself is relatively rigid. This Remington is built to serve the majority of the market quite well even if it alienates some of the outliers.


  • Creates beautiful medium size curls quickly and effectively with minimal effort
  • Light and feels good in your hands with a vibrant neon color and unique design
  • Multiple voltages and heat resistant packaging, Remington shows their experience in styling
  • High quality ceramic build


  • No LED temperature display means you have to rely on trust and knowledge of your hair that you are at a steady temperature that won’t damage your hair
  • Without built in temperature settings thick haired users might end up disappointed with the duration that their curls last
  • Inventiveness and other tools will be required if you want to experiment with multiple different hair styles from this tool.

Remington CI6219 Curl Styler Review Verdict

Remington CI6219 Curl Styler
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Depending on your own style this could be either the perfect tool or leave much to be desired. On the positive side it does what it is built for well, which is easily curl a length of hair without much wait, fear of injury, or damage to your hair. On the other hand it is a bit small for people who have extra long hair or extra thick hair. So it is a great tool for the average user, but many people do not have average hair. It looks nice, heats up quick, and delivers those shining curls that you desire as long as you are willing to put in the time to experiment and figure out the best way it works for your particular hair.

At only 19 millimeters long with a price scooting around the hundred dollar mark Remington is asking for a solid investment for a tool that won’t be able to do everything for everyone. It is not on a shameless level though and it is a high quality product, but if you fit into that extra thick hair, or extra long hair category it might be a bit more trouble than its worth, especially since it will put a bigger hole in your pocket than many other stylers even with its heat proof tip. Still at the end of the day the quality is strong here and as long as you can afford it as far as time and money are concerned this is a solid hair styler that will fit right in to any serious hair care arsenal.

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