Remington Auto Curl Iron Review


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The Remington Auto Curl Iron is a relatively new model launched in 2015 that stands out in its unique design and auto-curling technology which rotates automatically and wraps your hair around the barrel with minimal use of your hands. The Iron is suitable for creating medium sized deep or loose waves and has a special set of features not found in ordinary curling irons.

Basic Features:

Remington Auto Curl Iron Review

  • 2-way Auto-curl technology available with a click of a button
  • Tourmaline-Ionic materials with 4X more protection from damage in comparison to other models
  • Unique design with semi-square and oval edges
  • Beige-pink and golden color themes
  • Allows 5 different heat settings (heats up to 450 F degrees)
  • Comes with an auto-shut off feature which switches off automatically after 60 minutes of use
  • Has a temperature lock feature.
  • 120 Voltage power (suitable for US users)
  • Comes with a 2-3 year warranty
  • Comes with an extra heat protection pouch/bag ideal for storage at home or when travelling


  • Hassle-free use. Thanks to its unique auto-curl technology, this iron automatically wraps your hair with a click of a button whilst holding your hair ends so no need to use your hands till the iron finishes off each section.
  • Flexible swivel cord. If you are fed up of tangly cords, this special swivel cord is almost impossible to form a tangle (unless you consciously do so) so no need to bother unraveling the mess with every use.
  • Anti-frizz technology. The 4X protective ionic tourmaline combo materials of this iron are excellent carriers of heat without any frizz or static electricity issues. No worries that your hair is going to turn into a frizzy, tangled mess after using it.
  • Two-way rotation. The barrel rotates in two opposite directions for both inward and outward styled curls.
  • Remington Auto Curl Iron

  • Gets heated up fast. No need to sit around and wait more than 30 seconds for it to heat up. This is also useful for fast salon use.
  • Less damage to your hair. The Ceramic/Tourmaline combo technology and the PTC even heat technology allow less damage to the hair. As an added bonus, your hair will look more sleek and shiny and in case your hair is colored, this will help protect hair color from fading.
  • Very safe to use. Both its design and automatic shut-off feature make it really safe to use and you can rest assured that your iron won’t start to catch fire, even if you forget using it. It will simply shut off automatically after 60 minutes.
  • Works with most hair lengths except from hair shorter than shoulder length.


  • The design is not familiar and favorable by everyone. Some users, and we as well to be honest think that the iron closely resembles a female anatomy part (yes, you’ve guessed it already) and it needs a bit of practice to get use to it.
  • Not fast enough. Although this does get heat up fast, the general rotation feature takes a while to rotate an entire section and you end-up wasting more time actually than simply holding and wrapping it manually with your hands.
  • Only suitable for US users. The iron is available mainly in single 120V U.S system. However, there are UK and European versions of this out there in the market, especially online.
  • Doesn’t grip and hold hair too tight. If the hair section is larger than the iron can handle, it may simply slide away from the iron and you’ll have to repeat the process again. However, in most other cases, it will simply work fine.
  • Doesn’t work for all hair lengths. The auto rotating design if this makes it a bit hard to work in shorter hair lengths that are above shoulder length level e.g less than 20 in. long from the scalp.

How To Use:

Unlike manual curling irons, this is based on an auto rotating feature which you can use both ways depending on the results you wish to achieve. Here are the basic steps of using this:

  • Take the iron on one hand (icon oriented towards your head) and grab a small section with your other hand, holding it taught.
  • Place the section of the hair inside the opening of the barrel, whilst holding the hair ends with the other hand.
  • Switch on the rotating function in the direction you wish to curl your hair e.g inwards or outwards away from your face.
  • That’s it, the iron will start to wrap and curl your hair automatically within seconds (actual time may vary depending on your hair length but for most medium sized hair lengths, this is going to take anywhere from 6-10 seconds to curl each section).
  • Repeat the same process with each section. Once the iron automatically curls each section middle-way, you won’t have to keep holding it with your hands.
  • Finish off with a light spritz of hairspray (medium to strong hold) and you are all set.

Price Range:

This is on the costly side of the price spectrum as it costs typically $59-79 with the average price being $69.99 per device (minus the shipping costs). The years of warranty can also add up to the price. For three years the warranty is priced at an extra $5.57 approx. while for 2 years warranty, this will be around $4 extra. Used versions of this will obviously cost less but they may come with defects so be careful not to buy something that doesn’t work fully.

Remington Auto Curl Iron Review Verdict:

Remington Auto Curl Iron
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Although this boasts a truly unique design and features and is not bad by any means, its price for the results it actually offers is a bit of a mismatch. Users who are more familiar with standard looking irons will definitely need a bit of practice to figure this out and the design is not for everyone, especially for those with very short hair. Among the good things we like about this Remington Auto Curl Iron is that it frees our hands from the hassle of holding each section and is very safe to use.

Still, there are better alternatives out there for a lower price and more suitable for fast salon use so we aren’t exactly sure if it’s worth the money and hype.

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