ProCabello Hair Straightening Brush Review

ProCabello Hair Straightening Brush 

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ProCabello hair straightening brush emerges as the best way to increase the manageability if your hair, especially if you are under time constraints. With an upper-temperature limit of 450 F, the hair straightener bears the ability to increase hair shine, straighten, and detangle unruly hair through its triple-action system. The combination of ceramic and tourmaline plates significantly increases the amount of negative ions produced. The negative ions balance out the positive ones generated during the process of brushing your hair. This reduces frizziness and disheveled-looking hair.

The hair straightener has a broad temperature range of between 180 degrees F and 450 degrees F. This enables the brush to be used on thin, curly, or thick hair at optimal temperatures. It is also suitable for use on chemically treated, highlighted and colored hair. The hair straightening brush is a very versatile tool that will enhance your styling routine and overall experience. The heat technology used in this hair straightening brush allows your hair to lock in moisture, giving it a healthier, shinier and softer appearance.

Features of ProCabello Hair Straightening Brush

The hair straightener is designed using the latest hair care technology to enable you to achieve efficiency in your hair styling routine. This technology also contributes to its dynamic applications on different hair types and the results achieved. Some of the most notable features of this brush include the following:

Temperature control

Owing to the wide temperature intervals of this hair straightening brush, it is necessary to take precaution so that you eliminate the possibility of damaging your hair or burning your scalp. The brush comes with an LCD screen that displays the temperature, with push buttons for easier temperature control.

The hair straightener ProCabello also has an automatic power shutoff element that conserves power. This feature switches off the brush after 1 hour of not being in use.

Universal voltage

This feature makes the hair straightening brush one of the best hair care accessories for travel. It is referred to as universal because the international dual voltage enables you to use this product throughout the globe. With a capacity of 110V to 240V, the straightening brush is ideal for use both personally at home and professionally.

Ceramic tourmaline heater plates

ProCabello Hair Straightening Brush ReviewThis is one of the highlight features of the hair straightening brush because it significantly affects the results achieved on your hair. The ceramic and tourmaline plates heat up quickly and evenly distribute the heat. This helps in straightening your hair and prevents frizziness. The plates also emit atoms that restrict the growth and development of bacteria in your hair. This assists in making your hair and scalp feel more robust.

The ceramic and tourmaline plates in combination with the infrared energy make it easier for water molecules to be absorbed into the hair shaft. This feature gives your hair shine, as well as a healthy appearance and feel. The negative ions produced also seal the hair cuticle and reduces the generation of static, a major causal factor of hair frizziness.

360 degree swivel cord

This distinct feature accords more flexibility in the movements of you or your stylist. The swivel cord allows you to move about more easily, enabling quick completion of your styling routine. In addition to this, the swivel cord is of an adequate length, and prevents it from getting tangled or destroyed during your routine.


The design and development of this product are focused on helping you to achieve better results from your hair styling period in a shorter period. Aside from reducing frizz and improving the general health of your hair and scalp, the hair straightening brush also has some of the following benefits:

It is fast and efficient

The ceramic and tourmaline plates heat up very quickly, and due to the even distribution of heat, it will require only require a few strokes through your hair before you notice its effects. The brush repairs hair damage by locking the hair’s natural oils into the cuticle. Since you already brush your hair on a daily basis, incorporating this brush into your routine will only increase your operational efficiency.

It offers a lot of conveniences

Because it consumes minimal time when styling, it is a useful tool to use for the people who are always in a rush. For example, if you have to meet your friends after training at the gym, you can use it to quickly freshen yourself up. It is also important to note that the small size of this hair straightener inspires mobility.

It is versatile and easy to use

The product can be used on a variety of hair types, depending on the temperature set. The operating interface comprising of the push buttons and LCD temperature display is there specifically to enhance the user’s experience.

The product is safe

As with the use of any other heat-styling tool, the use of this hair straightening brush comes with some risks if safety measures are not adhered to. Improper usage of the hair straightener will lead to hair damage or even injury.

The product is safe because the temperature control allows it to be used for even the most sensitive hair type. Also, the automatic shutoff feature offers increased safety. Accompany the utilization of this product with a heat protectant spray that will shield your scalp from burns


The major disadvantage of this tool is that even though it straightens your hair in a shorter period, it will not offer the same results as a flat iron. The only situation where you can achieve similar outcomes is if you have very thin or fine hair. This is also disadvantageous because the excessive heat on too fine hair will result in damage, split ends, and breakage. It is essential to trim your hair edges if you use heat-styling tools such as this one regularly. This will help reduce hair damage caused by heat.


Overall, the benefits of using this hair straightening brush outweigh the slight drawbacks. It offers safe, quick, and efficient styling that is recommended for anyone who wants straight hair.
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