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ProCabello Flat Iron

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Ladies! Don’t you just love your hair? We know you do. And we also understand that it takes a lot to have that ever-so-gorgeous hair that amazes us. No matter what, your hair is important and needs your pampering and care.

Your hair has its days. There are some good hair days where you cherish how cute your hair looks. Then there also are some bad hair days where you feel like cursed. But, there’s a simple thing that can turn your bad days into the best ones. Having a decent flat iron straightener can work wonders for the purpose.

Walking into a salon and getting your hair all sleeked up and styled from the professionals is great. However, the salon isn’t always an option. There often comes a time when you need a quick makeover. Is that an issue? Not really. Getting a salon-style hair at home is just a buy away from you. Get yourself a nice flat iron straightener and you’re good to go. With a hair iron, you can make your hair look sleek and sophisticated all by yourself. It lets you style your hair in a gorgeous look within no time. And you can carry the look for longer as well.

Need just the best flat iron straightener? The choice isn’t a cakewalk. Styling products are something that the market is flooded with. Hair straighteners are no exception to that. This is why the choice of a nice hair iron is quite challenging. There are so many brands and features to look for. Also, there are safety and efficiency concerns to take care of. But you don’t have to panic. To help you in your quest, we’ve got a great product and many things to tell you about it. Let’s find out how wonderful is the ProCabello Flat Iron.

ProCabello Flat Iron: At a glance

ProCabello Flat Iron ReviewYou don’t necessarily have to compromise the quality when looking for an affordable hair straightening iron. That’s the point the ProCabello Flat Iron tries to make and succeeds in doing so. The next-gen iron straightener is designed to suit an average user perfectly. It’s packed with some unusual performance and safety factors that promise above par results without any harm. The iron is quite simple to use and heats faster than you would expect. ProCabello Iron is probably the best solution if you need a hair styling that doesn’t hurt your hair health.
Women today are smarter and more aware of their looks. They want nothing less than perfection and a mediocre product isn’t going to impress them. The all-new ProCabello Iron is a modern-day straightener that understands your needs well. It works well with almost every hair type and promises no damage to your hair or scalp. It’s even safe for your colored hair as well. As per the manufacturer’s claims, the iron doesn’t fade your hair color. And it’s loaded with some unbelievable safety features. It heats very fast and offers auto shutoff, even heat distribution, varying temperature levels, and much more. The innovative digital styler can do anything including touch-ups, roots, bangs etc. It’s probably the best you can choose for quick styling when on the go. Swiveling power cord takes the ease of use a notch up as well. All in all, the flat iron straightener scores well on every aspect you can think of.
Not a pro in styling your hair? Not an issue. The ProCabello Iron has your back. The flat iron straightener brings with it a detailed user manual to help you learn using it. Do read the manual to get the best results out of your iron straightener. And if you’re really particular about the color of your machine, You won’t be disappointed with the ProCabello. It’s available in several color variants. Whether you’re a professional stylist or a DIY person, there’s a color to suit your taste and style.

Key features of ProCabello Flat Iron

The ProCabello Flat Iron has many things that you would just love about it. From performance to safety, it keeps you sorted at each front. So if you’re really keen on knowing what it has in store for you, wait no more. Let’s have a look at top features of the iron.

1. Ceramic plates for quick heating

One of the most amazing features of this ProCabello iron is quick heating. The iron includes ceramic heating plates which heat up within seconds. Using these plates, the iron straightener can reach up to 460F in under a minute. It can even maintain this temperature as long as you’re using it.

2. Flexible temperature

With the ProCabello Iron, you can also control the heat in the plates while using it. It’s got several temperature settings which help you use the iron at desired heat levels. With the precision temperature control, you can go as low as 250oF to as high as 460oF. Hence, your hair styler has a temperature for every style that you need.

For convenient temperature changes, the iron features a digital LCD screen. This screen is where you can read the current temperature. Also, the iron gives you easy to push buttons for desired temperature variations.

3. 60-minute auto shutoff

Do you often find yourself in a rush to get ready and head out? There are high chances that you may leave your iron without switching it off. However, with ProCabello Flat Iron, you’re safe. It’s got an auto shutoff feature that would turn the iron off in case it’s not used for an hour straight. That’s really great for your safety, isn’t it?

4. Zero friction nanoplates for added safety

The iron is designed with highly advanced safety features that would just amaze you. One such feature is the use of Zero Friction nanoplates that work on an ionic moisturizing technology. The digital zero friction styler keeps the moisture and essential oils in your scalp intact to save it against overdrying. This ensures that your hair and scalp are totally safe while getting that gorgeous, silky, smooth, and voluminous touch.

5. Even heat distribution

Another amazing safety feature with the iron is its even heat distribution. This iron includes a dual-plate technology which can affect an even heat distribution between the upper and lower heating plates. It includes the advanced far infrared system to achieve this even heat pattern. This incredible heat distribution ensures that no section of your hair gets burnt due to overheating while straightening. Also, the even heat distribution cuts down the styling time to half of what it takes with a regular iron.

6. Smart Celsius to Fahrenheit switch

Taking the ease of use a notch up, the hair straightening iron makes unit conversion smarter. There’s a smart switch to let you switch between the Celsius and Fahrenheit units of temperature. Hence, you can easily read the temperature in a unit you’re comfortable in.

7. Swiveling power cord

And here’s another amazing ease-of-use feature. The iron has a powerful swiveling power cord. So the cord can swivel 30 degrees to let you easily move without any tangles while you’re using it. So it’s highly maneuverable and you can make it reach every strand of your hair. Also, the 9 feet professional length iron power cord gives you a lot of liberty to move around.

How to use the ProCabello Flat Iron

Owing to its ergonomic designs and top class features, the ProCabello iron is as easy to use as it gets. It won’t take long for you to learn using it even if you’re a beginner. So let’s find out the right procedure to use the iron.

Ready to style your hair? Start with a proper cleanup of your hair followed by drying it well. Now, you can start the styling process. Plug your iron into an electrical socket and turn it on. Now choose the temperature you need for your styling. You can change the temperature with easy to push buttons available on the iron’s body. There’s an LCD to display the temperature as well. Wait for the iron to reach the desired temperature and the machine is all set.

Now is the time to start working on your hair. For desired results, start by taking a small section of hair that’s around 1.5 inches in width and less than 0.5 inches thick. Open up the iron plates and trap the chosen section between them keeping it close to the scalp. Press the plates firmly by pressing the handles together. Maintain the pressure and pull the iron down slowly till you reach the ends of your hair. Keep doing the same by choosing other sections of hair till you’ve covered your hair completely.


  • Compact and portable
  • Highly flexible temperature ranges
  • Heats up to the intended temperature within seconds
  • Digital LCD display for temperature
  • Amazing results with all hair types
  • Styles your hair without any threat of damage to the hair or scalp Doesn’t fade the dye or color in your hair
  • The handle is well insulated to prevent overheating
  • Smart switch feature to go from Celsius to Fahrenheit
  • Available in various color choices
  • Highly affordable price


  • Available in just one size

What should you look for in a flat iron straightener?

There’s a lot to look for when choosing a flat iron for hair styling. Irons from different brands bring different features. But what are the most important things to consider? They’re all listed below.

1. Plate material

This is the very first thing to consider. The plate material directly affects the performance of the iron. Commonly available plate materials include solid ceramic, ceramic-coated metals, tourmaline, and titanium. Each material has its own pros and cons. Generally solid ceramic and tourmaline are good choices.

2. Ideal length and type of hair

Not every hair straightening iron suits every hair type and length. So choose the one that suits your length and type of hair. There are several irons that aren’t very effective with thicker or longer hair. Try getting something that’s more versatile or at least suits your kind.

3. Safety

Safety is an important factor for whatever machine you buy. So make sure the flat iron you’re considering to buy is safe for your hair and scalp. Another must-have safety feature for a hair iron is the auto shutoff. This feature turns off the iron after a certain period of not being used. It comes in handy if you forget to turn it off before heading out.

4. Ease of use

Obviously, you’re not a professional hair stylist. You need an iron that’s easy to use. Go through the features of the iron and read the user manual as well. You can also read user reviews to know how easy to use the iron is.

5. Temperature settings

Temperature is important for styling. So it’s another major decider of good or bad hair iron. If you don’t get the right temperature, it’s hard to get the right look. Make sure your iron has a maximum temperature range of at least 250oF. An iron with a maximum temperature of 200oF or lesser makes a bad buy.


Hair is one of the most prized possession of a woman. Obviously, you don’t want to put it to any risk. This is why choosing the right straightening iron is more crucial than you would think.

The current market offers you a large variety of hair straighteners. However, not every product is safe and efficient. Some of the irons can even result in several hair issues like breakage and severe dryness. So the point here is to choose an iron that’s totally safe for your hair along with efficient in hair styling. After all, the health of your hair is as important as their styling is.

The ProCabello Flat Iron is specially designed to style your hair in a healthy way. The iron is safe for both your hair and scalp. It’s easy to use, heats up quick, and creates amazing results. And you get these incredible features at a surprisingly affordable price. Is there anything that the ProCabello Flat Iron lacks to be the best hair straightener in the current market? Probably, not. So grab this amazing iron and keep the hair game strong along with restoring their health and shine.

Want good hair days daily? Get the ProCabello Flat Iron now.

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