Parwin Pro Beauty Infrared Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron Review

Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron

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The art of hair straightening is dated back to the 18th century. The oldest citing saw the early woman use an ironing device to straighten their hair. The use of hair straightening chemical products also emerged to ease process essentially. However, it is noted that many women would prefer a simplified method. Over the years, modern technology has revolutionized this innovation and implemented safety measures to help the modern woman straighten their hair from the comfort of her home.

The hair is the most cherished part of a woman’s body. It is an accessory that has to be donned daily and making a decision on whether to wear it straight or curled is a conundrum that every woman faces. Various women all over the world can attest to sharing a love-hate relationship with their hair.

Hair straighteners and flat irons were created to help women achieve straight hair while adhering to safety regulations that have been prescribed. These devices maneuver through the hair seamlessly and leave you with bright and smooth hair that lasts through the day. Finding the right implement to use can prove to be a daunting task considering the numerous products flooding the market. The right flat iron will have positive effects on your hair and will leave it looking like you just walked out of a professional salon.

Product Description

This edition from PARWIN BEAUTY features an infrared technology model that maneuvers through the hair from the cuticle to the ends. The two in one flat iron and hair straightener heats the hair using infrared rays that are vital while locking the hair’s moisture in. The technology on this flat iron ensures that your hair does not get excessive heat which is known to be bad for the growth and development of the hair. It leaves your hair looking voluminous and lush through the day.

Once bought, you will have access to the PARWIN BEAUTY Infrared Diamond Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron that is black in color. It has a protective storage bag for the days that you want to carry it around or just store it safely. A PARWIN BEAUTY style guide to give you tips and insight on the latest styles in town that can be achieved using the flat iron and a 1 year warranty. For the people using a flat iron for the first time, the user manual in the package provides comprehensive instructions on how to get the most out of your PARWIN BEAUTY Infrared flat iron.


The two in one flat iron and hair straightener is made with tourmaline and ceramic plates that are huge proponents of heat protection. The plates use the MCH heating plates which are integral in the releasing of ions. These ions help to moisturize your hair and give it a straight and sleek appearance. The flat iron heats up in a short time to ensure that you do not waste any time waiting for that much-needed heat. Press the switch button for one second to turn the infrared rays on.

The PARWIN BEAUTY flat iron and hair straightener has an LCD that indicate real time temperatures. You are able to control the heating temperature to the desired point by looking at the LCD screen. The device uses the PARWIN BEAUTY exclusive ZERO INTERVAL floating heating panel to ensure that the hair is styled easily and is void of frizz and tangles.

This appliance has a feature that lets it remember your constant temperature settings. Once you turn it on, press the M button to access the feature. It also has an automatic shutting mechanism. This is a prime safety feature that turns the flat iron off after 60 minutes of no use.

The flat iron has various settings to help you adjust the temperature to your desired setting. The maximum temperature setting is 450F. The ceramic plates are usable for any kind of hair and achieve the same result regardless of the type of hair that you have.

Pros and Cons


Easy to setup and use.
Fancy design and easily portable.
This flat iron and hair straightener provides a variety of styling options. You can also learn something new from the styling guide that is found in the package.
Using this product from PARWIN BEAUTY is suitable for all hair types.
It has a safety feature that ensures it does not stay on for a long time.
The material that is used for this flat iron and hair straightener are insulated which ensures that the handle does not get too hot during use.
Has a long insulated cord that allows you ample space to work magic on your hair without the possibility of any malfunctions.


Only comes in one color: black.


It is important to do copious amounts of research before embarking on the hair straightening journey. The market is riddled by-products that are likely to give you a bad experience and make you rule out the use of flat irons or hair straighteners.

Some of these products attempt to catch up with the trends and discard all things safety just to get a broad client reach. Anyone who is not well informed is susceptible to these products and end up severely damaging the hair.

The PARWIN BEAUTY Infrared Diamond Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straightener Styling Iron goes ahead of the fray and provides users with a reliable option for their hair straightening needs. Along with the basic removal of frizz, this product helps you to achieve straight hair in record time and provides a myriad of benefits and absolute value for money. To purchase it, you can go online various online stores and order for you to be able to enjoy and experience the optimal benefits.

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