Parwin Pro 7 in 1 Curling Iron Review


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The new 7 in Curling Wand Interchangeable set by Parwin Pro is here to cover the needs of every woman regardless of her hair texture and the results she is going for. Whether you want to achieve beachy waves, pageant hair, deep waves, or loose curls, this set has you covered as it comes with 7 different interchangeable heads.

Basic Features:

Parwin Pro 7 in 1 Curling Iron

  • Voltage system: 110 to 240V
  • 7 different interchangeable heads (one main head, one 32mm, one 25mm, one 19 mm, one 13/25 mm, and one 13 mm head)
  • PTC heating technology
  • Sleek black design
  • Rotate lock feature for locking and unlocking the barrel heads
  • Temperature setting dial
  • Comes with a heat protective glove set, carry bag, clips and an instruction manual
  • LCD digital display screen for displaying the temperature


  • Allows you to create 7 different styles. If you are unsure on which curling iron size to purchase this iron has a whopping 7 size heads for experimenting with different wavy and curly hairstyles. No need to purchase one iron for each so that saves you both time and money.
  • Ideal for any type of hair and length. Due to its versatility this is compatible for almost any hair length that’s longer than 15 inches. Not all barrel sizes work with short hair below shoulder level but thinner barrels do.
  • Easy to change and use. It may appear overwhelming at first glance it comes with 7 barrel heads, right? But is actually easy to use. Its features are distinctive and you can easily see what you are doing. Plus you can easily switch a barrel head using its lock/unlock feature.
  • Special PTC heating technology for even heat distribution. Forget about any uneven heat issues that damage your hair shaft and deliver sup-bar results. The special PTC technology made of diamond ceramic and tourmaline materials evens out heat while still safeguarding your hair from damage.

Parwin Pro 7 in 1 Curling Iron

  • 360 degree flexible cord. We all fancy a bit of flexibility when working with the iron as it’s more convenient to have some freedom of movement. This comes with a 360 degree swivel cord so you can use it at any angle you wish.
  • Nice as a gift. Have a friend or family member who enjoys doing her own hair?This makes a perfect gift as there is no chance she won’t find any barrel size useful.
  • Anti-frizz technology. The materials for making this iron help prevent frizz and static electricity for smooth and shiny results. No more walking around like you’ve been electroshocked.
  • Anti-scalding technology. No more pulling and scalding your hair while you wrap your hair around the barrel which leads to breakage and damage.
  • Dual voltage system. Although this works mainly for US and Canada markets, its dual voltage system allows you to use it when travelling to UK and Europe or even Asian countries. You may still need a converter in some countries though.
  • Easy to carry around. This comes with a barrel size bag that makes it easy to carry on the go and when travelling.


  • No cooling tip. Unlike other curling wand options provided by Parwin Pro, this has no cooling tip so make sure you use your gloves while using it to prevent any burns.
  • No auto shut-off feature. Again, this has no auto shut-off mode like the rest of Parwin Pro appliances which makes it a bit unsafe to use and prone to accidents. If you are frequently forgetful, this may be a serious issue for you as it may catch fire before you realise it.
  • Standard home version takes more time to heat up evenly. There is a standard and professional version of this set. While there are no major differences between these two, the home standard version takes a bit more time to heat up and produce results.
  • Heats up to a certain temperature. Some people complain that the temperature setting sometimes stops working in random and they can’t increase the temperature setting.

How To Use:

Despite its multiple interchangeable heads, this is actually easy to use although you still need to read the instructions before you use it the first time (look also my temperature settings guide). There is an easy to easy switch on/off feature and <> buttons which you can press until you reach your desired temperature the set temperature will flash on your screen. To change a barrel head/size, twist to unlock (there is a small unlock sign in the middle) choose your desired size, and twist to lock (over the unlock zip sign). Here is a brief guide for every barrel size and its use:

Parwin Pro 7 in 1Oval barrel (main): This is ideal for loose beach waves, medium deep waves and ringlets works also for most hair lengths.

13 mm barrel: ideal for thin and defined deep waves and strong curls.

19 mm barrel: good for medium to then defined waves and loose curls.

25 mm cone barrel: great for deep waves with a bit of volume and twist.

32 mm barrel: good for loose retro-style waves and thick hair.

Cone-shaped barrel: good for medium defined waves with a bit of volume.

Bubble-shaped barrel: Good for loose yet defined waves.


This is not dirt cheap but considering that you get 7 different heads plus a bag, gloves and other accessories, $84 is really a great deal for your buck. If you’d purchase 7 different curling wands, you would need a small fortune so the price is minimal in comparison. The home version is a tad cheaper and costs about $78 but it’s also a tad weaker in performance.

Parwin Pro 7 in 1 Curling Iron Review Verdict:

Parwin Pro 7 in 1 Curling Iron Review
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This is perfect for gals that are looking for an iron that covers every wavy and curly hairstyle imaginable with 7 different barrel sizes and shapes, there is plenty of room for experimentation and newbies will find this a huge asset. (Compare to McDou Satin Wave 5-in-1) However, its biggest lack is added safety features such as the auto switch button and cooling tip so be careful when using it and turn it off to prevent any fire hazard.

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