Lee Stafford CHoPstick Styler Ceramic Curling Wand Review

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The Lee Stafford Chopstick Styler is a curling wand that knows its role very well with a thin barrel and as desired style in mind this product knows what it is capable of and does not go any farther. If you are looking to be able to test out a variety of curling styles the make up of this curling wand will limit your creativity. How every if you are interested in creating tight, bouncy, and long lasting corkscrew curls then this wand will suit you quite well.

With it’s bright vibrant coloring and smooth metallic design it has a way of catching your eye to question what its capabilities are? With a price that measures among the lowest on the market this curling wand has an extremely defined purpose with all of the features to allow it to perform this task well without much more variety. Very popular in the UK and still capable for use in the states with a US power plug included. Skinny, petite, and light in your hands this wand puts a ceramic barrel to good use in creating its specialty curls at a salon level quality under $20.

Product Description

This is a product that exudes confidence with its vibrant hot pink handle and equally shiny metallic ceramic barrel to combine quality and flash. Subscribing to the no settings required style of curling this wand is made to heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit in just fifteen seconds for the firepower required to make super tight curls. This is nice if your hair is resilient enough to deal with such high temperatures, and while the ceramic does help this wand probably is not for all hair types.

Speaking of the ceramic barrel it is very thin with a width of about half and inch to give you those super tight runway model curls. At the end you have a heat resistant surface so you can get good use out of the clip-less design without burning yourself, though a heat resistant glove is included as well to stay safe.

The design is relatively simple with an on and off switch, no temperature settings, and just a small LED indicator light to let you know its current status you may wonder if this product is even worth your time to test out? The price however is just a nice addition as the strongest selling point of this wand is it gives you those gorgeous corkscrew curls without any extra effort required. If you have the time to take this thin ceramic wand through the curling process your end results can’t help but be stunning. Amazing for short haired user and longer haired users with the patience for perfection.

Product Features

Lee Stafford CHoPstick STYLER Ceramic Curling Wand ReviewAt such an affordable price Lee Stafford did not have too much room to invest into fancy features so instead they made sure they handled the basics well to deliver a strong product that is versatile enough without going overboard.

Safety is a major issue especially with a curling wand that heats up to over 400 degrees quickly and lacks the control that you might desire. Make sure you turn it off when you are done because this wand does not have an auto off feature, though it does have a built in stand to keep it elevated to avoid burning your surfaces. A decent length cool tip gives you greater control and safety as well, and you can actually fit a nice portion of your fingers around it as opposed to many curlers that hope your fingernail dexterity is unreal. The ceramic material allows this wand to work for a larger variety of hair than you might think possible at 450 degrees and feeds your hair the negative ions it needs to stay strong and give you a nice and healthy shine.

Since this wand is so popular in the UK it is nice to see a US plug as well for traveling purposes because people all over the world should be able to make stunning corkscrew curls with ease. A nice extra nice and long swivel cord gives you some great tangle free mobility which goes well with the twelve ounce weight as on of the lightest curlers available on the market. A solid set of features that do well to backup the primary corkscrew function without too much issue.


  • Create extravagant corkscrew curls with minimal financial cost
  • Works well in the UK or the US making it great for a traveling curling tool
  • Simplistic yet functional design gives you what you need to stay safe


  • Thin barrel locks you into a certain style of curl without much room for innovation
  • Only one heat setting means the curls are long lasting but can also be dangerous
  • Clip-less design and the width means longer haired users will need both time and patience to achieve their desired results.

Lee Stafford Curling Wand Review Verdict

Lee Stafford CHoPstick Styler Ceramic Curling Wand
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While a few of the aspects of this curling wand might lead you to think it is just as cheap as the price that they ask for. At the end of the day you just cannot deny the amazing curls that this wand is capable of creating. The Handle is not the most spectacular, but it looks good and it is easy to hold with its rectangular design. and grooves. The barrel is very thin and a bit limited but the length of the cool end and the ceramic material that nourishes your hair even at a sustained 450 degrees is nice as well.

Even the safety features are well thought out with a raised design and a heat resistant glove thrown in so you can use the clip-less design without fear. It may seem kind of apologetic, and you also may be expecting a but, though you will not find any real issue here. This is a travel friendly petite curler that delivers a highly sought after hairstyle without going to the stylist, and that is something that cannot be short sighted, especially at such an affordable price.

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