Lanxim Professional Ceramic Straightening Iron Review

Lanxim Professional Ceramic Straightening Iron

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Natural hair in all its unique variations is undoubtedly amazing. However, sometimes you would like to tame errant curls or frizzy hair. That is where flat irons come in as a viable option for styling hair. A good flat iron uses heat to straighten hair without damaging your natural curls. These appliances have become a godsend for many women because they ensure you will never have a bad hair day again.

The right flat iron will make your hair look fresh and professionally styled after only a few minutes of use. They are a convenient option when you want to get your hair looking beautiful in a short time. Frizzy hair is often very irritating and unmanageable. Using the right flat iron will not only straighten your hair but also make it smooth and manageable. It will also give it a more well-defined look and make hair appear longer.

The Lanxim Professional Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron: Product Description

Lanxim’s Professional Tourmaline Ceramic Straightening Iron is one such product. This flat iron uses a unique heatproof technology that does not cause any damage to your hair. With this flat iron, you no longer have to spend a lot of money on permanent straightening options that only leave hair looking dry and damaged. It polishes your hair to give it a straightening effect that looks very natural.

This product is a great option for when you want to transform dull, frizzy hair into sleek locks. The straightener is also coated with argan oil. This protects your hair cuticles from excessive heat while locking in hair’s natural moisture. As a result, breakage and excessive dryness is prevented.

Each Lanxim Flat Iron comes with a user manual that takes you through how to use this product safely. A hair straightener guard, heat-resistant travel bag, and two hair clips are also included in the package.



The Lanxim Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron is a professional two-in-one hair straightener and curling iron. It is manufactured using nano-silver, Tourmaline, and Ceramics. This flat iron uses revolutionary technology that protects your hair shaft and cuticles. This keeps your hair from drying out and prevents excessive breakages.


This professional flat iron is designed with 11 settings to control and adjust its temperature. It can reach temperatures ranging from 265F to 450F. This ensures that you can adjust the heat to the precise setting necessary to straighten your hair type. Regardless of ethnicity or hair thickness, this flat iron can style any grade hair beautifully.

LED display

The Lanxim Professional Flat Iron also incorporates a LED display into its design. This allows you to tell the specific temperature it has heated up to. It uses an MCH Heater which allows the Lanxim Flat Iron to reach the set temperature within 15 seconds. This lets you get ready quickly and conveniently. Furthermore, it has an auto shutoff feature that allows the flat iron turn off if it is not used after 60 seconds. This eliminates an element of worry that comes with using electronic devices regularly.


The Lanxim Professional Tourmaline Ceramic Straightening Iron uses cutting edge C-Sensor technology to power its ceramic heating sensor. It uses a tailor made microprocessor to straighten your hair in a unique way. The chip regulates heat output from the ceramic flat iron element as it travels from the top to end of the hair shaft.


This protects hair from heat damage. It also ensures that your hair gets properly styled through providing an adequate amount of heat. The flat iron also has a specialized sensor that allows it to do automatic detection scans 30 times every second.

INNACT technology

This flat iron is also at the forefront of using top notch INNACT technology. This refers to non-stick Nano-silver technology. This technology combined with floating pieces of ceramic Tourmaline and Argan oil help to reduce surface tension on the hair. This aspect works in a couple of ways. It protects the hair cuticle and shaft from heat damage. It also locks in hair’s natural moisture to keep it looking smooth and silky.


The Lanxim Professional Tourmaline Ceramic Straightening Iron straightens, flips, and curls hair beautifully. It can help you style your hair without pulling it or causing heat damage. The Lanxim Professional also comes with a two-year warranty with a certified money back guarantee within the same time frame. It also comes with a radiant heat resistant travel bag that lets you carry your flat iron around easily.

Pros and Cons


This flat iron gives you a wide range of exciting new ways to style your hair.
Using it can leave even the thickest or most curly hair straight and frizz-free for hours afterward.
It is lined with a guard that protects your face and neck from burning.
It has a flexible woven cord protector that keeps the wire from coiling or kinking up during use or in storage.
The handle does not get too hot to hold during use.


Some units have had confirmed wiring problems that cause these flat irons to be unreliable or stop working altogether.


Many people dismiss the use of flat irons. This is because they believe regular use of these straighteners will leave their hair dry and brittle. However, you cannot accurately predict how your hair will react without experience. Using a quality flat iron alongside a good conditioner will keep your tresses shiny and healthy even after regular use.

Professional stylists also believe that regularly straightening can help you determine how healthy your hair really is. It can help you keep hair detangled. Curly hair tends to hide issues like split ends, thinning and breakage. Thus, straightening your hair regularly can assist you in maintaining it better.

It is also good to remember that curly hair needs a lot of product to keep it manageable and looking frizz-free. This entire product tends to build up on your scalps. When you straighten your hair, it allows for extensive treatment. This is because straight hair allows the scalp to be more accessible.

The Lanxim Professional Tourmaline Ceramic Straightening Iron provides your hair and scalp with all these benefits and more. It is an affordable way to keep your hair healthy and manageable. You can purchase it on various online portals to start enjoying this product’s benefits today.

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