KIPOZI Professional Titanium Flat Iron Review

KIPOZI Professional Titanium Flat Iron Review

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Finding a great hair straightener is a relatively simple job when compared to a curler because you know the style that you want, and you know the style the tools are supposed to create. So the only thing you need is a tool that works smooth and fits well as a stylish and effective hair straightener. Kipozi has a strong contender for that position on your bathroom counter with a stylish tool that also brings a variety of features that will help you get your hair a long lasting straight look that you can rely on. With a price hovering around $35 this straightener fits into the higher end for straighteners, though not by much.

The extra cost is not wasted however as you have greater control over your hair straightening than many of the competition. Expansive plates made of high quality material gently force your hair to reform to your will so you can quickly get ready to go out without worrying about harming your hair, instead you get a nice sheen and a clear mind. Everything is not perfect however as there are things you need to be aware of before you invest into this hair straightener. Overall we do have an effective hair straightener with the utility to perform for a large variety of people as long as you are careful.

Product Description

KIPOZI Professional Titanium Flat Iron ReviewSmooth is a popular word for hair and I guess it is only right that this product encompasses that word with its design. While it might be a bit too gauche for some customers the black and gold color combination on this model looks pretty stunning and with the natural look of a hair straightener this wand look like a space age tool. With grooves surfaces in all of the right places the feel of this tool in your hand should be great other than the weight as it is a bit heavier than some other hair straighteners at 1.6 pounds. Just a few ounces over the average shouldn’t matter much but could keep tired arms away.

The plates are made of titanium for great temperature consistency and they measure at 1.75 inches so you can handle a solid section of hair at the same time helping you deal with the weight by making up for it with some speed. The build looks sturdy and a carrying case is included but it might not have the fortitude to hold up for a ton of traveling.

The temperature controls give you a great range of options as you can more from 170 degrees to 450 degrees (look at temperature regime table on our main page) with the use of the buttons on the handle so no matter your hair type this tool should be safe to use as long as you are aware of where you fit in. With a price that gives them a bit more room to pump up the product there is not much to be desired here as it handles the straightening process quite well. It does not have any extra utility to differentiate itself from the pack but you won’t find many models that offer more style along with the features and safety that its price nods toward.

The voltage is great for traveling as well and the ergonomic design will probably feel better in your hands than the majority of models on the market. It mostly will come down to whether you are comfortable paying a bit more to have a styler that can sit with the cool kids.

Product Features

When it comes to features most of the usual suspects make an appearance. Starting with travel a voltage range from 110 to 240 gives you a nice bit of space to where you should be safe in the majority of countries you travel to. The LED screen is very convenient for giving you an easy to read monitoring of your current temperature. With easy to use controls and bigger text then usual the visibility is great for ensuring you don’t accidentally fry your hair. A eight foot long 360 degree swivel cord gives you the mobility you need to adjust to any angle.

A money back guarantee also gives you a bit of space to consider whether this is the right straightener for you. One thing this model is missing is an auto off function so make sure you turn it off when not in use though the large LED screens visibility should help a bit with that. The titanium plates are the main feature giving you a shining natural look with less frizz while allowing your hair to move smoothly through the process without any painful catching. So you get most of the standard features in a nice package making this a pretty good if slightly standard option.


  • Gorgeous color scheme and ergonomic design help this straightener feel and look great to use
  • Large Titanium plate allows for smooth hair straightening process
  • Multiple temperature controls on an easy to see screen allow for good hair safety


  • Normal safety suffers a bit with no auto off functionality
  • Towards the higher end of pricing for hair straighteners
  • Lacking in any type of extra utility

KIPOZI Professional Titanium Flat Iron Review Verdict

This is no potato masher, it is in fact a solid sturdy hair straightener that combines a comfortable feel with some nice styling to represent a pretty solid solution for straightening your hair. The range in temperatures and easy to use controls make this an easy to use model for any user as long as they have a bit of arm strength as it is on the heavier side. However no other model makes black and gold look so good either.

It would be nice if it provided more than just a quality straightening job at its inflated price but the design makes up for it a bit and the titanium gives you an extra layer of value thanks to the shine and health it provides for your hair. You can probably find an equal hair straightener for less but when you factor in the style and ergonomics you can’t really go wrong here either if your willing to pay for it.

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