KIPOZI Pro Hair Straightener Review

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Kipozi Pro Hair Straightener is a 1.75 inch flat iron of professional grade with a unique bright white and orange design, digital LLC screen, and easy-to-use buttons that make straightening your hair a breeze. The iron is also made of materials that get heat up fast offers smooth, frizz-free results every time with minimal effort, and works for almost any hair type.

Basic features:

  • 1.75-inch plates
  • Nano-titanium material
  • Ionic, anti-frizz technology
  • The digital LCD screen is displaying the temperature in °C or °F.
  • Adjustable heat settings
  • Voltage range: 100-240 V
  • Frequency range: 50/60 HZ
  • Temperature range: 170-450F
  • Auto-shut off feature (shuts off automatically after 60 minutes)
  • Lock/unlock feature
  • 2.5 m long swivel 360° cord
  • Bright white and orange color theme.
  • It comes with a straightener, a traveling pouch, an instruction manual and a cash back guarantee.


  • KIPOZI Pro Hair Straightener ReviewIt gets heated up fast. Like most Kipozi hair styling tools, this gets hot fast in just 30 seconds. While you divide your hair into sections; the iron will already be hot enough to start styling. It gives smooth results every time. Thanks to nano-titanium and ionic technology. It efficiently fights frizz for a smooth, sleek, and glossy finish every time. And the best part is, the damage to your hair is minimal to none (well, unless your hair is too fragile and damaged already).
  • It needs only 1-2 passes on every hair strand. Forget irons that need multiple passes through each hair strand to make your hair completely straight and smooth. Unless your hair is too kinky and afro, this will typically require only 1-2 passes to get your hair totally straight. Of course, this equals to saving less time and effort and your styling time will be cut in half. Easy to hold and work with. This has a professional long swivel cord that makes it flexible and easy to hold, either you are using this for yourself or a client. Plus, it’s not too heavy to be a burden when carrying it.
  • Very safe and accident proof. Let’s face it, we all have ‘technical’ accidents with our electrical tools even once as it’s doesn’t take too much for a tool to catch fire if we forget to turn it off. But this comes with an auto shut-off feature so no need to worry about any unfortunate accidents.
  • It has a dual voltage system. Although this is mostly available in the U.S market, its dual voltage system allows you to use it almost everywhere you travel (check for voltage range of the country you are traveling to make sure its compatible). Very easy to adjust the temperature. Using the +/- buttons on the side, you can quickly set up your desired temperature according to your hair type. By pressing the two signs together, you can also switch the degrees from F to C or vice versa. It works well on almost any hair length. The design and plates that are medium to wide making it easy to use in almost any hair length and some users even report using on short hair above shoulder length and getting excellent results. It also works well on both dry and damp hair. Even though this is designed to be used mainly on dry hair, you can also use it on damp hair that is towel-dried (not too wet as this may damage the plates).


  • It doesn’t come with heatproof gloves. Although this comes with all the essentials in its pack, the one thing that it lacks is heatproof gloves. It is still important as a small minority of users reported that they accidentally burnt their fingers when holding it. Maybe a little too wide for shorter or fine hair. Those who have very short hair, (less than 3 in. long) in the front, back or their whole head may have a bit of trouble catching and passing the hair through their plates.
  • May burn suddenly after some months of use. Although this is not very common, very few cases reported getting a faulty item that suddenly stopped working wholly or partially.

How to use:

This is quite easy to use, and you can achieve great results if you use it to the right temperature setting for your hair. You can just switch it on with its on/off button and set this to the temperature you need, using the +/- buttons. Here is a brief guide for ideal temperatures:

    • Set to 270 F-320 F for colored hair
    • Set to 320-330 F for thin curls
    • Full range of temperature regimes – here

Although the iron is designed to eliminate frizz and minimize damage, it’s best to use it along with a heat protectant spray to prevent any possible damage, especially if
your hair is already weak and damaged enough.

Price range:

This one falls within the low to medium price range as it sells on average $32.99-35.99, making it very affordable for everyone. The shipping can also add up to the cost although not over 10% of its total price for U.S buyers. The good thing is that it comes with the money-back guarantee in case your item doesn’t work correctly.

Final verdict:

Ιf someone is looking for a cheaper alternative to the well-known and incredibly costly GHDs and Chi; this iron offers the same sleek results for a fraction of the cost. It’s easy to use, gets heat up fast, and makes hair shiny, smooth, and frizz-free. This is both great for home or salon use and allows more flexibility without straining your hands while holding it. The only drawbacks of this are that perhaps it would be a tad safer and handier if it came with some heat-proof gloves and we are also not sure that this will work fine in all cases without suddenly stopping to work. But even in this case (iron not working properly), the money-back guarantee puts our worries to rest, and so there is no risk evolved when purchasing it.

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