KIPOZI Curling Iron 1inch Pro Ceramic Review

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Catering towards the user who is looking for an affordable solution to styling the Kipozi Pro Ceramic curling iron represents a solid step towards immaculate curls. What makes this model special is its ability to rotate that makes for a major step toward simplifying the hair curling process. Removing one of the most annoying parts of hair curling is always great, but this curler also uses a PTC and ceramic coating to make sure your hair doesn’t get stuck or damaged while it is rolling right along.

Resembling a tool that might come out of inspector gadget this curling iron is loaded with features to help make your experience run smooth with reliable heat controls and a innovative clip. With a price right under thirty dollars you do not have to splurge to find an effective and innovative curler. It is not the most stylish curler around but it is colorful and features some stylistic functionality. The mobility of this curler is on the high end along with a lightweight to smoothly roll up exquisite curls. An admirable package for such an affordable price this curling iron deserves a look for anyone searching for a reasonable hair curling solution.

Product description

KIPOZI Curling Iron 1inch Pro Ceramic ReviewThis curling iron fits squarely into the wand style of design complimenting its rotating functionality. Capable of 360 degree rotation keeping the twisting and turning localized to the wand instead of your wrists. All it takes is four steps to move from curl to curl and it almost automatically curls the hair as you go which should slice minutes off your curling time in comparison to the majority of curling irons.

A combination of metallic black and yellow allow this curler to appear sturdy while still bringing some color. The different features blend right into the design for a tool that should at the very least be one of the cooler parts of your collection. The 1 inch wide barrel allows you to make medium size curls that are well defined with a lustrous sheen thanks to the ceramic coating.

A long barrel also allows even people with longer hair to use this wand with ease. Kipozi also outfitted this model with multiple heating settings to suit any style of hair from super thin to ultra thick a range from 260 to 450 degrees what makes it comparable with the best curlers. In just thirty seconds this curling wand is heated and ready to go at the lowest setting with just a tap of the touch sensitive controls. It only takes another thirty seconds to reach the maximum heat. You can easily tell what temperature you are set on thanks to a scaling LED indicator panel.

The cord is on the longer side too with over seven feet to work with and the rotating swivel cord stays with the rotation mantra of this model to give you pretty good space to move. With a cool to the touch tip and all of the normal bells and whistles the amount of options available at such an affordable price is pretty staggering.

Product Features

With its intuitive rotating design and a low price you might think that was enough to complete the package, instead Kipozi goes the extra mile to give you a strong set of features as well. Most curling irons have a hard clip that can sometimes crimp your hair at the end ruining the prestige of your look. With that in mind Kipozi opted for a snug curl clip with a rounded edge to help you keep the curl at the end of your hair. This clip also rotates 360 degrees to make sure the whole curling process is nice and streamlined. The fast heating ceramic and PTC coating allows for curl creation without damaging you hair while also leaving you with a frizz free shine. For the temperature settings you have six to choose from that escalate in forty degree segments.

The intelligent design continues with dual voltage capabilities so you can travel with this curling wand with minimal worries. As far as safety is concerned Kipozi went the distance here as well. The thermally insulated cool tip allows you to accurately curl your have with precision as long as you watch your fingers on the grooved easily gripped tip. When you need to take a break a foldaway stand allows the wand to stay propped up when not in use or cooling down. A auto off function is also included for the careless or carefree. Finally a heat resistant glove is included as well if you want to be completely protected from nasty burns. Kipozi did not miss a beat here in delivering one of the most stacked feature lists you will find among bargain curling wands.


  • Rotation in the barrel and clip make for a smooth hair curling experience
  • Loaded with mechanical functionality to keep the whole process as worry free as possible
  • Low price with extra features and goodies make for a value packed purchase


  • Simplistic color scheme and rugged design put this curling wand on the lower end of the style spectrum
  • Clip is not the best for keeping a hold of thin hair
  • Rotating design takes a bit of time to get used to

KIPOZI Curling Iron 1inch Pro Ceramic Review Verdict

KIPOZI Curling Iron 1inch Pro Ceramic
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When you think of a good deal for a curling wand this one should come to mind. As long as you are cool with the learning curve required that ends up making the process smoother than ever in the end. Going down the lift Kipozi pretty much checks off everything you could want in a affordably priced curling wand. You get the rotation, six heat setting, ceramic coating, quick heating, multiple voltage settings, and a variety of safety features to top it off.

When you throw in this wands ability to conform to any type of hair style or length all we are missing is the physical property to change the size of your barrel at will, and that is a very rare feature. Very few users will be disappointed with this wands ability to easily style their hair.

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