Kipozi Flat Iron Review. 1 Inch Pro Nano-Titanium

Kipozi 1 Inch Pro Nano-Titanium Flat Iron Review

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Hands up if you’ve ever been a victim of the pain felt as a result of a few of your hair strands getting stuck in a straightener during session at the salon. I see you. Hands down. Okay, I’ve got some good news for you… It’s time to go old-school with such experiences and more that are brought about by defective machines. How? Keep reading…

Introducing …

The Kipozi flat iron 1-Inch Pro Nano-Titanium, a professionally engineered hair straightener that keeps pain at bay and brings about maximum comfort while you’re having your hair done. This is not just an ordinary straightener, but one that is designed to make both stylist and client comfortable and relaxed. To read more about it, make sure to pore over this full, comprehensive and honest review of this godsend product. Read on…

From the name, it’s clear this item features nano-titanium plates, which are generously as wide as 1.75″, as well as a digital LCD. Don’t be worried about operating the digital screen if you’re a newbie. It comes with an easy-to-follow user’s manual that’ll help you through the operation process. Kipozi possesses wide plates that makes it possible for you to grab larger chunks of hair to deal with, unlike other hair straighteners. This saves your time and energy, and you can now do the hair of more clients than ever before.

Thanks to its high-quality titanium plates, this salon tool is sure to heat evenly to bring a seriously silky- smooth look to your hair. Taking a look at the past customers’ reviews about this item, you’ll notice that users keep praising the straightener’s durability and efficiency in performing its duty. That’s another reason to trust the Kipozi Pro.

Product description

Kipozi 1 Inch Pro ReviewLooking for the heaviest straightener? Look no further. This is the one! The surface area of its extra-large titanium plates (also look Salon Tech Titanium 450 Review)  ensures maximum contact with the hair, thus a more efficient hair-straightening effect. Likewise, the plates allow for a uniform distribution of heat to alleviate hair damage from concentrated heat at a small area. Kipozi Pro coasts harmlessly through the hair and leaves it with a glossy, stylish appearance. Bonus point: This single plate straightens and also curls your hair!I fell for Kipozi Pro’s wide 3D plates that have the rare capacity for multitasking. Along with straightening your hair, they also curl it, something you previously could only do with two different tools. What a machine!

Another impressive thing about this unique hair straightener is its multiple heat settings. They allow the user to adjust the temperature so as to fit the type of hair they are dealing with. Floating plates ensure no hair damage by heat during the process and make the hair-straightening task almost effortless. Thanks to the available temperature lock, temperature fluctuations are prevented and it’s easy to avoid cases of over/under heating that can easily lead to loss of the hair’s beauty.

This machine’s temperature limits are 450F (on the high end) and 170F (on the low end). An interesting thing is that when in use and the temperature lock is on, the machine works as needed, but when it has heated up but is kept dormant, the machine’s temperature falls and eventually shuts off to save you on the electricity bills. Its durable and artfully insulated handles also prevent your hands from getting burned while using it.

The machine has three temperature modes and each fits a specific hair type:
1. Fragile hair (270 F = 140 C).
2. Damaged, colored hair (350 F = 180 C). 3. Healthy hair (410 F = 210 C).

Kipozi Pro only takes 30 seconds to heat up as you prepare your hair for the straightening—another significant time-saver.

A Brief User Guide of Kipozi Flat Iron

  • Do not be mistaken! When the hair straightener machine reads “Damaged”, it doesn’t indicate that anything is wrong. That is an indication that the current temperature level suits damaged hair. The same applies to “Fragile” and “Healthy”.
  • Easily switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature modes by simply pressing the “+” and “-” buttons simultaneously.
  • The machine can go off when left dormant while switched on. To adjust the time delay it can lay dormant before switching off, the procedure is:
    – Press and hold the “p” for 2 to 3 seconds. Then, a time appears
    – Now, either increase or decrease the time by pressing the “+” or “-” buttons, respectively

A Few Directions

  1. Make sure to comb and dry your hair before straightening it.
  2. Always choose the right temperature that matches your hair type.
  3. Depending on its thickness, deal with a small section of the hair and not the whole mass at once.
  4. Clamp the chosen section using the straightener.
  5. Gently pull down.
  6. Repeat if needed.

Now, have a look at the product’s features in detail below.

Product Features

KIPOZI 1 Inch Pro Nano-Titanium Flat Iron ReviewKipozi has ultra-smooth nano-titanium plates with a width of 1.75 inches. These titanium plates use an advanced PTC ceramic heating mechanism. As the titanium plates are smooth, they release negative ions that in turn makes the hair shiny and silky with no damage to hair keratin. The plates also eliminate frizz from increased temperatures. All these leave the hair with a generally healthy look.
Its lower and higher power limits, between 100 and 200 volts, make the Kipozi Pro suitable for use anywhere. Its portability due to a carry-along weight (14.1 ounces) enhances this.

The machine’s plates have a width of 1 inch each, which is reasonably narrow enough to use for bangs.
The digital LCD screen display that automatically goes off when the machine is dormant helps in saving power, lowering electricity bills. You can always adjust the time before it goes off by using the procedure mentioned above.
It’s got three different temperature settings with different functions between 170 F and 450 F. These temperature functions are displayed by the machine on its LCD digital screen. You only have to identify the
type of hair and then adjust to the appropriate temperature setting.

The machine features a 360-degree long swivel cord and 3D floating plates. These two elements balance the heating plates as you move along while setting up your hairstyles. Its floating plates have curved edges that are made to continuously adjust the angle so as to allow for gentle straightening without the hair straightener having to pull and damage your beautiful hair. The big secret here is just identifying the most suitable heat setting for your hair type.

It also comes accompanied by an easily readable user manual, excellent packaging, and a bonus beautiful velvet pouch.

Pros and Cons


Let’s now have a look at why you need to make this hair straightener your choice. Kipozi Pro has a number of advantages for your hair and overall look. Here they are:

To begin with, the Kipozi Pro always comes with a free velvex storage box that makes its storage easy and simple. The machine also has a safety switch lock design that allows for safer and more decent storage in the velvex bag.

Second, it is unique that Kipozi Pro does no damage to your hair. This has been the common problem with other hair straighteners, now eradicated by this machine. The property is enhanced by the 1-inch 3D floating plates that are curved to adjust angles so that the hair straightener doesn’t snag your hair due to its smooth and gentle ironing effect.

When you first use this machine, understanding how to interpret its LCD digital screen may take some time. Nevertheless, the machine is accompanied by a comprehensive user manual to explain things clearly. After a few minutes of reading and interpreting the manual, you’ll be able to operate this machine without any struggles. There’s no wasting time to get a complex understanding. The manual is straight to the point.

The fourth thing is Kipozi Pro’s efficient and fast heat distribution. As stated earlier, the machine only needs 30 seconds of your time to heat up. Once heated, you’ll achieve perfect hair straightening within no time. The good thing is that there are temperature options suitable for all hair types. What a hair straightener!

Fifth is the adjustable temperature functions. Each function has its own hair texture. Weaker hair textures are worked on by lower temperatures while stronger and thicker textures needs higher temperatures for perfect straightening.

A lock is also designed on the machine that regulates temperatures during operation. If temperatures aren’t regulated, the machine will always cool down and the process can come to a halt. To avoid this, you can turn the lock so that temperatures do not decrease when you are straightening your hair.

Next, Kipozi Pro leaves your hair with a gorgeous and shiny look as it moistens it, in addition to releasing negative ions that makes the hair both healthy and silky.

Another advantage is that the Kipozi Pro hair straightener has a round shape that creates unique straight as well as curly hair styles. The 2-in-1 function of this machine creates an awesome hairstyle for you, every day.

The straightener has a safe, comfortable and well-insulated handle that ensures your hands are safe from burning while you hold the machine.

As if that isn’t enough, Kipozi Pro also features a 360-degree swivel cord that ensures your hair
doesn’t tangle during the process, hence avoiding pain when your hair is being styled.

Let’s not forget about the automatic off feature of the flat iron that makes it shut off when left idle or dormant for some period of time. You can set your preferred period with the instructions stated above.

Past customers, in their reviews across platforms like Amazon and others, have confirmed that the Kipozi Pro lasts longer than the other straighteners they’ve previously had experience with.

The manufacturer set a price that is affordable to everyone. If you want to join the others in enjoying the new technology, it won’t set you back a fortune.


Let’s now see the cons of the Kipozi Pro hair straightener and whether they can be avoided or not.

  • The tool is heavier than others. One can experience some fatigue while handling it for this reason, though not much as the extra weight isn’t very significant and is sustainable.
  • The LCD screen could confuse first-time users, though there’s a demystifying user manual that does away with this disadvantage.
  • One should not use the hair straightener on very wet hair. This is a recommendation that cuts across all hair straighteners, though. There are dangers associated with it!
  • If one simply assumes the instructions on the recommended temperatures match all hair textures, they may damage their hair with heat. Therefore, one should identify and set the right temperature for the right hair texture.

NB: Some of the cons are just precautions on how to use the tool well. Some are common across all hair straighteners. Likewise, some can be mitigated, like the first-time no-idea experience with the machine that can be done away with by the user manual.

Bonus Tips:
Best results will be realized when you use Kipozi Argan oil with the iron.
Please dry your hair before using the machine on it. You won’t feel any pain as a result.

Kipozi Flat Iron 1 Inch Pro Nano-Titanium Review Verdict

The Kipozi Flat Iron 1-Inch Pro Nano-Titanium is indisputably one of the ultimate best hair straighteners for your hair. It ensures that you finally get the desired beautiful look by safely gliding through your hair in the straightening process. What matters most is identifying the type of hair that you want to straighten and matching it with the right temperature mode. I was impressed by a lot more of its features, too. Past user reviews also explain how important and useful the machine is. I highly recommend it to you, my reader. Kipozi Pro is the best!

Why not get one for yourself, pals? Good luck!

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