Infiniti Pro Nano Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron Review

Infiniti Pro Nano Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron Review

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Every once in a while you will find a product on the market that does everything that its competitors does pretty well. Worst than some but better than others and mostly at a pretty respectable level. I’d like to say in my review Infiniti Pro Iron may not be the flashiest but the best part about products like these is their price. The Infiniti Pro by Conair just happens to be one of those product combining the well known, quality, and experience of Conair with the price of a middling product.

This curling iron will not be perfect for everyone but it does cater to a large enough group at a relativley low price that makes this model totally worth checking out even if you are more inclined towards the finer things in life. It looks good with a simplistic, yet effective design and you can find it for less than a meal for two. This could quite possibly your solution to cutting down your annual hair styling bills so you can free up some revenue for all of the other things you want to accomplish.

Product description

This hair curler looks surprisingly stunning for what they are asking for it and that continues into the quality that you can expect from this curling iron. We will touch more into the variety in the features but on the base level this curling iron follows the standard setup.

A colorful handle with some nice ridges to give you excellent control. The metallic purple is a gorgeous touch that allows it to look stylish without being too in your face. The heating barrel is a tones down silver that could also bee called a amped up grey and is a 1 and a quarter inch wide barrel putting it at the sweet spot for curling pretty much any type of hair. With multiple heating settings the majority of hair styles can work with this curler though the lowest heat setting is in the 300 degree range which can be an issue for people with thin straight hair as prolonged use can be damaging with such a high low end temperature (look at my temperature settings table).

With a tourmaline ceramic barrel your hair is kept protected along with nano technology that will be further explored below. This model is also surprisingly light at 1.2 pounds and manueverable with a six foot long swivel cord that goes a long way towards keeping your fingers away from the danger zones. A solid effort at making an affordable curling iron that still brings all of the necessary aspects that make it a contender for your bathroom collection. Also in this category, you can look at ACEVIVI

Product Features

Infiniti Pro Nano Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron ReviewThis curling iron comes with five separate heating settings ranging from 300 to 400 degrees so whether you have naturally curly hair or thick coarse hair this tool should suit you well. Users with thin and straight hair though will want to exercise caution as even 300 degrees can sometimes be too high depending on your hair, even with the tourmaline ceramic material acting as a buffer.

You can determine the heat setting thanks to a LED display that shows you all of the necessary information, while it isn’t as bright as some other displays, it gets the job done and is a step up over many display free models. A strong hair clip allows you to set a nice point for styling your hair without worrying about it coming free no matter how tight you wish to make your curls.

As far as safety is concerned Conair has you covered with and auto off timer for any addlebrained moments. It also has a protective heat shield you can use for the cool down periods. Finally if that is not enough it has a elevated resting position to keep it from harming any tender surfaces. Returning to the heating technology tourmaline ceramic is great for keeping a even temperature and this iron keeps its temperature constant at a 95% rate.

The nano technology means this iron reduces hot spots and keeps frizz to a minimum along with ions that will give your hair its most lustrous shine. Another good thing about this model being from Conair is that means you get excellent customer service and a five year warranty as well. Finding all of this together for under twenty dollars is pretty impressive no matter how you twist it.


  • 5 different heating settings ranging from 300 to 400 degrees
  • Great affordable pricing along with impressive quality that outstrips its price in comparison to many competitors
  • Strong safety features
  • High strength clip prevents hair slippage
  • Holds curls really well


  • The temperature limits make this curling iron a bit of an issue for those with thin and straight hair
  • Small cool end can make it unwieldly to use if you are not careful
  • Does not save your settings

Infiniti Pro Nano Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron Review Verdict