Huachi Hair Straightener Brush Review

Huachi Hair Straightener Brush Review

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This brush from Huachi puts a new spin on the classic hairbrush by adding the ability to straighten your hair as well as style it. Using technology and quality haircare materials this brush is designed to straighten your hair and protect it at the same time. You can use it as a straightener alone or turn on the hot wind to speed up the process. Running at a low enough temperature to not harm your hair while still staying effective makes this tool great for use right out the shower to speed up your morning.

With the ceramic material, you will have frizz-free hair and with a few simple brush strokes, you can add a lustrous shine. The best part about this straightener is the hairbrush design that makes it much easier to use than a class straightener plus you still get all the benefits that normal straighteners provide. All the necessary safety precautions are here as well such as auto shut off it even has the multiple voltage settings that you would like for travel. If you are looking for a simpler way to get ready to go outside then this 2 in 1 from Huachi might be right down your alley.

Product Description

On the train ride between style and substance, this model chooses to meet halfway with an overall simplistic appeal. The flashy base for the swivel cord is the only part of this brush that will really catch your eye other than that it looks like a pretty plain plastic black brush. A bit of rose gold for the control switch and the aforementioned base does make for a nice addition however even if you might wish for a little more. With a weight of one pound, this brush feels light in your hand even with a long 360 degrees swivel cord weighing it down.

The excellent mobility will certainly help speed up your styling process when you do not have the time to curl your hair. All of that is good but the main force behind this brush is the ceramic brush material combined with the hot wind to heal your hair and make it full and robust instead of the dry and hollow feel that can come after a shower without the right treatment. This brush is made to make up for a lack of time to prepare with its ability to accomplish multiple goals at the same time. Hovering at 302 degrees with the ability to check its temperature every 20 seconds this brush gives you that consistent heat you need to lock in your look for the day.

Multiple color options would be nice, but at the end of the day, the professional appeal of this brush works well as it is great for getting the job done quickly and efficiently.

Product Features

Huachi Hair Straightener Brush Review

Beyond the simple task at hand and the simple design of a hairbrush, there are a few features that make this more than just a normal straightener. For safety concerns, the auto-shutoff effect will kick in if you block the ventilation. We also have three different modes for straightening your hair depending on your preference.

You can use straightening mode, hot wind mode, or the combination for a little bit of variety. The ceramic tourmaline brush material feeds your hair healthy negative ions to give you a nice shine along with some more body for your hair. you will also get a great massaging effect as the brush stimulates your hair follicles and invigorates your scalp. If travel is a big concern for you this brush has that covered pretty well with the ability to run from 100 to 130 voltage. A full-year warranty also keeps you protected for a good amount of time if your brush runs into any pickup, plus the warranty is international.

The 2.5-meter cord gives you the space you need to get other things done while you straighten your hair as well. Finally, this brush heats up to working temperature in only 30 seconds. Not the most overwhelming features list you can find, but this straightening brush offers everything you need to accomplish the shiny, healthy, and straight hair that we all deserve.


  • Ceramic and tourmaline brush invigorates your hair as it goes through a process that can be harmful
  • Constant 302 degrees with temperature monitoring keeps your hair safe and improving over multiple uses
  • Anti scald and massaging ability make the experience just as enjoyable as it is effective


  • Price is a bit higher than your standard hair straightener
  • Color scheme is boring other than a few accents looks kind of like a normal brush
  • Multiple temperature setting would be nice as 302 degrees might not cut it for especially coarse or thick hair

Huachi Hair Straightener Brush Review Verdict

Before we get too far into it, I think we should first mention who this brush is probably not for as overall this is a pretty strong product. People with especially coarse or thick hair might want to look elsewhere as a steady 302 degrees just won’t cut it for certain hair types. So if you generally need around 400 degrees to create long-lasting hairstyles then this brush probably is not for you. For everyone else, the ceramic tourmaline brush head is a great starting point that you would want in an electric hair care tool as the healthy boost they provide can not be discounted.

The three straightening modes are great for switching up your styles of stimulation to keep your hair and scalp in good standing. The mobility is also great here with a super lightweight, extra-long cord, and the ability to work at a variety of voltages this is a great tool to just keep with you for an emergency hair care solution. Inconspicuous and effective this is the type of hairbrush a secret agent might use to stay impressive on a mission so who is your target?

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