Hot Tools Professional Curling Iron Review


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When it comes to choosing the best curling iron, you ideally want to choose something of the latest technology that offers strong yet safe heat for the best results afterall, you are going to use it many times right?
Hot Tools Professional Ceramic Curling Iron is a late technology heavy-duty professional curling iron of medium to large thickness (1/1.2 inches) you can use to make loose and thick curls and achieve fast and long-lasting results at home or at salon. The product heats from 280-430 F and weighs only 1.5 pounds. Suitable only for US voltage systems.

Basic Features and Advantages

Hot Tools Professional Curling Iron Review
Relatively New model. Even though this is not the latest curling iron model you’ll find on the market, it was launched in 2015 and designed with special technologies and features you won’t find in the hot tool previous models. Some of them are mentioned below in more detail.

Barrel size: 1-½ inches. This barrel size is ideal for medium to thick loose curls and adding volume to random strands of hair for a more natural and bouncy look. Gals with flat and fine hair will love this, but it also works just as good in afro natural hair for adding some depth and definition to your curls or make them appear looser and sleeker. Made of ceramic and titanium materials. The combination of ceramic and titanium materials makes the hair slip better and allows a more even and stable heat distribution.

Ceramic material also enhances the natural shine and bounce your hairstyle with minimal damage to the hair core. Combined with titanium, you have a powerful tool in your hands that eliminates frizzy for a more polished finish and all without deflating the natural volume of the hair. Unique heat pulse system. This Hot Tools Curling Iron also utilizes a special patented technology which generates an even amount of heat in just a few seconds. No need to sit and wait chewing gum for it to heat up you’ll be working it on your hair instantly.

Whether you are using a high or low temperature, this system will save you precious time and effort to get the hairstyle you want. Separate on/off function with a memory mode that keeps your most used temperature for the next time, once you switch it on. We all have a certain temperature we use based on our hair types some of us need lower temperatures and some higher ones every single time. Instead of setting this up every time, your usual temperature will appear once you switch it on.

Sleek purple and black design. Although we all favor practicality over the appearance of a tool, it is another extra that makes the curling iron pleasant to see and use especially if you are professional, you don’t want it to appear cheap and tacky. Although in all honesty, this is not the most appealing and polished curling iron we’ve seen, it’s simple and sleek black and purple design doesn’t disappoint. Snag-free technology. Imagine the frustration or getting your hair pulled and snag as you work each section and yes, some curling irons unfortunately do this but besides this, this annoyance can also be incredibly damaging to your hair as it may split it. But thanks to is snag-free and corrosion-resistant technology, this will be a thing of the past.


To use this hair curling iron at its best potential, blow dry your hair first if it’s wavy or curly and then spray with a heat protectant spray. The heat protecting spray use is optional but this will help protect your hair from the damage of the heat. For more natural looking results, grab random hair sections of different width and length and start rubbing them around the iron, making sure you rub the ends of your hair around the barrel as well.

An expert tip for more loose waves that do not scream “I’m prepping for prom or a pageant” (yes, it’s too outdated) is to rub their hair outside the clamp and not open and rub the hair around the barrel with the clamp on top as you normally would. Set your style with a great hold hairspray in an instance of at least 10 in. off your hair and you are all set.


Although not the cheapest curling iron you will find out there, it’s price is still affordable and you get a great quality tool for your buck. The average cost of the curling iron alone minus shipping costs is anywhere from $40-50 in stores and online but you can get a cheaper deal if it’s used or if the box is defective. Still, not a high price to pay for something that will probably last you a few years. It would also be wise to be careful of cheap chinese knock offs that sell for less than $30 per piece as these may damage your hair or be potentially unsafe to us in extreme cases, you hair might catch fire so be careful, the cheap price knockoff isn’t really worth it.


This is an all around great curling iron/tong for any hair type from fine and lifeless hair to afro hair and of course in-between. Most users seem to like it because it does heat fast and allows even heat distribution for more defined curls. Compared to other curling irons of this year (2015), this ranks no4 among 20+ other options so this tell us that is one of the best options you can get out there. On the downside, some users report that it stops working after some time and doesn’t deliver the same long lasting results as before.

A small portion of people and professionals also claims that it’s damaging to the hair which is a bit expected if the hair is an already damaged or sensitive condition. Overall, this may not our No1 pick but it delivers almost everything it claims on the

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