Hot Tools Professional 1101 Curling Iron A5 Review


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The Hot Tools Professional 1101 Curling Iron is one of the best curling irons on the market. Definitely yes! Most women with straight hair find it difficult to style their hair. This curling iron provides an efficient way for such a situation. With the Hot Tools Professional 1101 Curling Iron you can now curl your hair out of dullness. Below are some of the advantages and features of the Hot Tools Professional 1101 Curling Iron.

Features and Advantages

Barrel Size

One of the first things you need to look out for when choosing a curling iron for your hair is the barrel size. Oh, many mistakes girls make when they choose the wrong size! The type of curls that you get is largely dependent on the size of the barrel. The Hot Tools Professional 1101 Curling Iron has a barrel size of a ¾ inch which will give you classic curls. This barrel size is suitable with very small to medium short hair.

24k Gold-Plated Barrel

(All women are potential gold diggers! I am joking, of course.)
Next thing on the checklist of curling iron requirements is the material the barrel is made up of. The material of the iron’s barrel is a very important factor to consider when buying a curling iron. This is because the health of your hair depends tremendously on the type of material of the iron’s barrel. The Hot Tools Professional 1101 Curling is literally the gold standard when it comes to curling irons. Its barrel is plated with 24k gold. (I really love it!) This helps to speed up heat circulation. (Clever technology!) This means that it will stay consistently hot throughout the duration of use. It will also remain gentle to your hair. Shove out those worries about the health of your hair out the window when you start using this curling iron. If you have thick or coarse hair, the Hot Tools Professional 1101 Curling will still work perfectly on it.

Patented Pulse Technology

This curling iron features an awesome technology that surpasses the competition and makes it stand out from the crowd. The pulse technology ensures that the curling iron gets hot quickly and efficiently retains heat.

Heat Control

The temperature is another factor that makes up for a great curling iron. And the Hot Tools Professional 1101 Curling Iron can boast of multi-heat control feature which includes ten different heat levels. This has played a vital role in curling hair. One good thing that this curling iron does that is fascinating, is that once it gets hot it stays hot. Its temperatures can go up to 430° F (220° C). It also heats up very fast. The 85 watts of power is responsible for that.


Nobody will like to use a device that is difficult to operate. It can be really annoying! A new trend is to live easy! The Hot Tools Professional 1101 Curling Iron excels in simplicity. You don’t require any advanced knowledge to use it. It has a soft-grip handle that allows you to enjoy it.
The 8-ft. the heavy-duty tangle-proof swivel cord is an added advantage to the Hot Tools Professional 1101 Curling Iron. The cord allows for mobility while the curling iron is in use. It also has a separate on-off switch which allows the built-in rheostat to memorize your favorite heat setting. So clever!


The Hot Tools Professional 1101 Curling Iron holds a 4.1 rating and a good number of reviews. Everything seems to be commendable about this product, from the barrel size to the on/off switch. It works perfectly on almost all hair types. My clients are satisfied with the results that they get from using this curling iron. It even comes packed with 2 replacement springs which are very providently. That is something you don’t find in your everyday curling iron. The only con is that the manufacturer of this great product provided a one-year warranty. But very few people have complained about this warranty length. It depends on who and how is using it. If you are reasonably careful nothing bad will happen to it!

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