Herstyler Baby Curls Mini Curling Iron Review

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Simple and effective with a reasonable price the Baby Curls curling wand from Herstyler is a petite curler that will make a nice addition to your collection, especially if you are looking for a miniature hair care solution. As one of the smaller curlers on the market the focus is on bringing you solid functionality over a bunch of bells and whistles. The friendliest of traveling curling wands with enough resources to keep you safe and enough heat to create the desired long lasting curls.

This curler isn’t made for every type of hair but it excels at creating curls that widen as they go for a unique well developed look that far exceeds what you might expect from such a simplistic design. The adaptability of ceramic shines through here with a curler that will eliminate frizz and hot spots by delivering defined heat that heals your hair as it styles it for nice and bouncy curls with a good healthy sheen. The barrel is thin yet specially designed so you have multiple options as far as creating interesting looks. It won’t do everything for your hair, but this is not a bad tool to add to your stock if you need a sub 30$ curling wand for developing curls.

Product Description

Herstyler Baby Curls Mini Curling Iron ReviewAs far as style is concerned this curling wand and it creators were more concerned with it ability to create than making this a major factor for the look of this wand. A purple grooved handles makes this wand easy to control but the color is relatively generic in comparison to the metallic and glossy alternatives you can find. A nine millimeter barrel the widens towards the base is the most important part of this curler as this plays into your styling. Your curls will widen as they get farther away from the root and this can be reversed if you wish to go wide to tight with a flick of the wrist.

Thanks to its ceramic barrel this curler can reach its maximum 400 degrees pretty quickly. The clip-less design leans towards more experienced hair stylists though a heat resistant glove is included so you can get over the learning curve without ending up injured. With a high maximum heat you would expect to find some temperature settings but they are no where to be found here so while it should work well for the majority of hair types thanks to the ceramic, if you have especially thin hair you may want to look elsewhere rather than taking the chance.

You can also find this model in purple or pink to suit your fancy though you can not escape from the tacky warning language on the handle. Substance reigns over style here and you will have to be fine with that if you want to try out its tight tapered curls.

Product Features

Like any other curling wand the strongest feature comes in the barrel design. The ceramic is great for your hair and it feeds your hair negative ions to enhance your hair’s overall health. These negative ions work to nourish and repair your hair during the heating process that would normally be quite harmful at such high temperatures. The barrel is tapered so the end is nine millimeters and it reaches up to eighteen millimeters at the base giving you some flexibility in your styling as you can focus on the wider end for larger curls or the thin end for tight ones.

This is better for shorter haired individuals however as the barrel lacks the width for innovation in longer hair without taking up a ton of time. The grooves on the handle give you a nice and comfortable grip. A simple on and off switch is easy to use though your knowledge on the current temperature of the wand is extremely limited with no controls so changing the heat settings or any sort of LED screen for temperature monitoring. This is a great model for traveling however as it comes in a nice carrying case along with the ability to work with multiple voltages.

A long 360 degree swivel cord allows for great mobility and the one pound weight adds even more freedom (look the temperature table on main page). Nothing here is too revolutionary but it is all executed effectively so you can create super tight curls with nice volume and a long lasting hold.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Tapered barrel allows for evolving curls without too much knowledge
  • Excellent for travel and safety thanks to its size and peripherals
  • Ceramic barrel keeps your hair healthy


  • Clip-less design can take a bit of getting used to
  • No temperature control has a negative effect on overall reliability
  • Heats up to a dangerous level that might require you to turn it off to cool down and take a break during prolonged stylings

Herstyler Baby Curls Mini Curling Iron Review Verdict

Herstyler Baby Curls Mini Curling Iron
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There are a lot of things to like about this miniature curling tool even though it is not perfect. The price is great to where even if it is not for you, the investment is pretty low. The ceramic barrel is also nice with its healing attributes and the tapered construction that gives you the ability to create curls that look professional without too much effort. The clip-less design is an interesting touch that will appeal to experienced stylist while making the heat resistant glove a superb addition since even the tip will be heated.

On the other side however without heat settings this curler can be dangerous for fragile hair and no one wants to have to pause midway through their styling mission to wait for a hot handle to cool down. The color and overall style of this wand are pretty basic and it is missing a few features that you can find in comparably priced curling irons. For the most part though the positives do out weigh the negatives and if you are looking for an effective tool that creates great long lasting curls, travels well, and you have the patience for the clip-less design then this curling wand should suit you quite well.

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