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The best flat iron

Hair Straighteners instantly gained popularity among women because of the simplicity of operation and ease of creating hairstyles. Hair straightening is one of the most popular stylistic procedures in recent years. Straightened hair shimmering in the sun and create a beautiful well-groomed appearance. For a long time, it was believed that the best flat iron spoils the hair structure as much as a hair dryer. Definitely, the high temperature violates the hair structure but unlike the hair dryer, hair straighteners seal the hair scales and make them smoother.
That is why straightened hairs have so much shine.
Everything is developing, as a result, new technologies emerge in the market, new products for hair protection and recovery minimize the risk to spoil the hair.

Why hair straighteners are so popular?

Because they are:

  • Straighten any hair, without exception, including an extremely curly which is very important for very thick and unruly hair. Consequently, could be a real present for people who cannot tame their hair.
  • During the wet, rainy weather iron straighteners solve the problem of unwanted curls. Many girls want to be sure that their hairs do not go bad even in rainy weather.
  • Quickly make elegant or romantic hairstyle. Sometimes you need to bring yourself up very swiftly and literally jump out of the house.
  • In addition, save money! You can do your hairstyle at home and not in a hairdressing salon.
  • Also, save time. Nowadays, it is so important!

So, what is the best flat iron for you?

the best hair straightenersFirst of all, flat iron is a universal tool for straightening, curling and creating wavy hairs.
With this tool, you can afford a lot of hairstyles!
Every one of us is unique. We get used to the different movements and different physical activities.
For this reason, we need to choose the best flat iron straightener comfy for us.
It is also important to consider the quality of your hair. Every hair has different thickness and length.
They can be thin and curly. Therefore, before choosing a device, note the structure of the hair, length and so on.
First of all, let’s understand the principle of operation of the best hair straighteners.
The principle of operation is to remove the excess moisture from the curls.
It allows perfectly and effortlessly straightening of your hair, even with strong waviness, including tough and unruly.

The key is to remember that you should not straighten wet hair, in order to avoid damage by the high temperature. Even the best flat iron will not save your hair from damaging, except specially designed for wet hair. Hair can keep smoothness and good shape up to a week. But flat iron straighteners have already started to appear in the market which works with a damp hair. For example, in our opinion the best straighteners for wet hair are:


BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Plated
  • BaBylissPRO Nano
  • 1.5 inch
  • 450F
  • Titanium
InStyler Wet To Dry Rotating Iron
  • InStyler Wet To Dry
  • 1-1.4 inches
  • 410F
  • Titanium
Remington S7330 Wet 2 Straight Hair Straightener
  • Remington S7330
  • 1-3.4 inches
  • 420F
  • Ceramic
Salon Tech Titanium 450
  • Salon Tech 450
  • 1-1.5 inches
  • 450F
  • Titanium
  • Izutech KTX450
  • 1.25 inches
  • 450F
  • Titanium

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Wet-to-Dry Ultra-thin Straightening Iron

best flat iron: BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Plated

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If you are not short of money, give a try to this one. We can recommend it as probably the best flat iron. This flat iron hair straightener has perfectly demonstrated itself among professionals. If the price is not a concern for you, we recommend you to try this model. Thanks to titanium coating, which gives amazing shine to the hairs and does not spoil them.
Titanium coating is very durable and allows to use it for a long time. It suits those who straighten the hairs more frequently than twice a week. Read full review BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium.

InStyler Wet To Dry Rotating Iron

Best Flat Iron: InStyler Wet To Dry Rotating Iron

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This amazing technology allows you to dry your hair, removing moisture from it and at the same time straightening or twisting them. The Mix, in one device, titanium, tourmaline and ceramic coating helps to preserve your hair healthy! Additionally, the device can create a beautiful volume, thanks to a rotating barrel.
The company produces different sizes. If you have hairs below the shoulders, then choose a larger size.
If you have shorter hairs, go for a – 3/4 inches. Read full review InStyler Wet To Dry

Remington S7330 Wet 2 Straight Hair Straightener

Remington S7330 Wet 2 Straight Hair Straightener

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This hair iron with ceramic coating helps to keep your hair healthy. It heats up quickly, so you won’t lose time. You can choose convenient size for you. The sizes of the plates are: 1 Inch or 2 Inches.
Steam vents allow drying and straightening strands at the same time.
It keeps straightened hair for a long time. Up to 4 days.
May be even longer. Heating for about 2 minutes.
The device has the function of self-turn-off if you accidentally forgot in a rush to do that. Apart from anything else it has a quite affordable price. Read full review Remington S7330

The width of the plates.

The width of the plates significantly affects for the time taken for straightening and ease of use.
Therefore, before choosing a device, note the structure of the hairs, length and so on.
The width of the plate affects how large a section of hairs can be straightened at one time.
Obviously, for long hairs owners, it is preferable to choose wider plates. For straightening short hair or bangs, narrow plates will suit best.

If your hairs are long and thick, you can get tired pretty quickly while straightening thin strands. By the way, it will take much longer time.
If you need an iron straightener not only for straightening but for curling as well, the plates must be of the average width or narrow.

Wide plates are not intended for it. Perfect size, in this case, is 1 inch.
It will be more convenient if ironing cord is rotated. You do not have to unravel it constantly.
Temperature control of iron straightener is particularly important.
It will prevent excessive overheating. The high temperature is very unfavorable for dry, damaged or perm hairs. It is better to put the minimum temperature and slowly straighten your hairs. You will spend more time but the hairs will be healthy.

Floating plates

What do you think happens when you straighten your hair? The strand of hair is compressed by plates and we conduct flat iron along the entire length of the hair. In fact, we ironing our hair like a cloth.

If you use a conventional model with rigid plates, then because of the different thickness of the strand, especially if you have very thick hair, the hair is distributed unevenly and you will have to iron one strand several times. You just dry and heat the top strand of your hair stronger than the rest.

In models with floating plates, the plates will change the angle and adjust the thickness of the hair strands.
The hairstyle will be perfectly smooth without unnecessary harm to the hair.

It is quite difficult to calculate the force of pressing on the hair when using the straightener with no floating plates.

We do not even talk about such moments when you have very little time and you are in a hurry!

In the hair, there are no nerve endings and of course, we do not feel pain. Nothing signals us that it’s time to stop, just the smell of burnt hair! But let’s not talk about bad things! We absolutely do not need burning hair at all.

You understand that the plates do not have an ideally slippery surface. And imagine what’s happening, if you use a straightener for a few years?

Flat iron with floating plates compensates for excessive pressure, thereby protecting the hair from micro damages.

Floating plates are a wonderful invention that helps us to maintain the beauty and health of hair! We have to use new technologies!

Styling hair will take less time and will be much more effective with floating plates. Consider this when choosing.

Plates shapeWith right anglesFor really straight hair styles
With rounded angles If you want to curl the ends of hair
Fixing type Rigidly fixed Built-in flat iron
Floating plates They are attached to the springs. Very good option.
Gap between platesNo gap Very good option. Heat is evenly distributed
There is a gap1mm - for fixed plates; 2 mm - for floating (disappears if press)

Which is the best coating for iron straightener?

The metal coating.
The cheapest but it burns curls and can make hairs unhealthy and really damaged. The structure of the metal is not warmed uniformly, so part of the hair is straightened, and the other part is not. Remember how iron burns through the holes on the
clothes? The same can happen to your strands. So, you can get a lifeless, dry and dull appearance of your hair. We wouldn’t recommend using such tools.

Ceramic coating.
The most common unprofessional coating. The plates are strong, durable, perfectly glides over hairs, straightening them and not burn out hairs. Best hair iron straightener for non-professionals.

Tourmaline coating.
Tourmaline coating is very gentle to the hairs. Durable and in addition has a good glide.
If your hairs get electrified after styling, then it is necessary to purchase this type of iron straightener.

Titanium coating.
Titanium coating iron straightener is best for the professionals. Most noteworthy that Titanium plates do not overheat, are perfectly smooth, and hair friction is reduced as much as possible. Hairs are minimally damaged. The results will satisfy even the owners of weak and brittle hair.

Salon Tech Titanium 450

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We would like you to consider a wonderful professional quality hair iron with titanium plates! The device has super slipping, it will help quickly achieve the result. Instantaneous heating which will save your time.
The light weight of the device. The maximum temperature of 450 F (230 degrees Celsius), so possible to work with even very thick hair.

Digital temperature control prevents damage to your hair.
The display on the handle is in Fahrenheit and Celsius.
Comfortable handle. Rotating cord.
If you are looking for instant result and really professional quality, its worth to try! Read full review Salon Tech Titanium 450

Izutech KTX450 TITANIUM Flat Iron

best hair straightener

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This iron straightener has a “professional grade” of corrosion.
Very resistant coating. Quickly heats up. Perfectly keeps heat.
Rapid heating. An adjustable temperature of 250 ° – 450 ° F. Floating plate.
Modern elegant design. Made in Korea. Unlike most other brands, especially suitable for use with hair products. Excellent seal the hair cells. It pretends to be the best flat iron for you!

With ionization function.

We would not recommend choosing the hair straightener without this feature.
Ionization makes your hair silky and “Hollywood shine.”

The thermostat or overheating protection.

The ability to select the temperature mode will allow optimal heating of the instrument, depending on the needs.


The function is not necessary but desirable, as it shows the exact temperature of the heating plate. Read full review Izutech KTX450 TITANIUM

Temperature regime

It is important to abide the correct temperature regime during the straightening process.

Type of HairTemperature
Colored 302 – 311 F
Thin curls320 – 329 F
Hair of medium thickness338 – 347 F
Dense, thick356 – 374 F
Curly374 – 383 F
African American383 – 392 F
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