Conair Infiniti Pro Curling Iron Review 2019


conair infiniti pro curling iron

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Are you in need of durable, great stretchy curls and waves? You will get the attractive hair look by using the Conair infiniti pro curling iron. Also, you will have no, or less hair damage. Besides that, this tool is user-friendlyfor all.

Why is it unique and ideal for use infiniti pro by conair?

It is designed using Nano technology to provide attractive, gleaming curls. These curls are unique, and attracts the attention of your friends. 

This curling iron is a one and half inch barrel. Besides this, it features a more polished surface made of tourmaline ceramic. This ensures it provides excellent performance and attractive curls each time. 

Furthermore, the Nano technology used combines micro particles from silver and tourmaline ceramic. As a result, it produces ions which reduces frizz for production of durable curls and waves. Also, this ensures there is even distribution of heat, and removes hot spots. The outcome of this is less hair damage. 

If real ceramic heat is available, the iron gets heated up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit within 30 seconds. Moreover, it features infrared technology which produces hair-friendlyheat. This heat is tender on your hair, and it improves the shinning of the hair. 

Apart from providing great performance, it has a ceramic easy-roll surface. This lets your hair to roll with ease on its surface as you style it. Besides that, it prevents the occurrence of pulls and barriers. Likewise, it ensures you clean off any residue of the styling product with ease. 

Finally, it comprises of precision LED heat adjustments. So, you can select one that suits your hair, and style. Besides this, it has an auto-off that switches it off you left it on. The Conair infiniti pro curling iron features a protective heat shield. This shield protects you when using and storing the iron. 

Features of conair infiniti pro curling iron

  • Tourmaline ceramic technology

This technology ensures there is even distribution of heat in the iron. Consequently, you get attractive elastic curls and waves. Equal heat distribution gets enabled by the one and half inch coated barrel. Besides this, it blocks hot spots leading to less hair damage. Too, it minimizes frizz for efficient results and increased shining of the hair. 

  • LED lights

These shows the temperature you have chosen to use. You make the temperature adjustments using heat settings. Also, the heat settings are five in number. Thus, you can select the most appropriate for your hair and style. Luckily, the chosen temperature gets indicated by these LED lights. 

  • Heat settings

This Conair infiniti pro curling iron has 5 LED heat settings. These settings heats to approximately 400 degrees Fahrenheit within 30 seconds. Further, these precision heat settings let you choose one that is fit for your hair and style. 

  • Protective heat shield 

Like its performance, this curling iron gives priority to the safety of its users. Thus, its design features a protective heat shield that ensures you are safe.

  • Auto-off

Furthermore, the design of this iron features an auto-off button. Hence, it switches off automaticallyif you leave it on, yet not in use. As a result, it prevents hair damage when in use, as well as over-heating and damage if you forgot it on. 

  • Stylish design

Apart from its exclusive performance, this iron has a stylish and attractive design. So, it’s easier to use, as well as safe for all users. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this infiniti pro conair curling iron?

Like as all other hair tools, Conair infiniti pro curling iron has some merits and demerits. Here are some of its advantages, and disadvantages:

  • Many heat settings, and gets hot quickly
  • Light and easier to use. 
  • It grips the hair appropriately. 
  • Makes good curls that lasts for long.  
  • Affordable price for a versatile tool. 
  • You can burn your hand if not careful because of the small tapered end. 

Final Thought

Do you love long-lasting, voluminous, and bouncy curls that shines from far? If yes, the perfect curling iron for this task is Conair infiniti pro curling iron. Also, this iron is affordable, has a stylish design, and its user-friendly.

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