Best Flat Iron for Natural Hair

What is the best flat iron for natural hair?

For some people, hair styling can be a tiring task. Managing your natural hair can be difficult but with the use of the right hair styling equipment, you can get the look you want to have. Imagine yourself going to a job interview with messy hair. Obviously, you will have to focus on your skills instead of creating an appropriate hairstyle. However, if you have the best quality flat iron, you will be able to handle your natural hair in some time only. A perfect hairstyle can have a great impact on the other people and it will also help you in boosting your confidence. So, let’s review our picks of the best flat irons for natural hair.

Our top picks of flat irons for natural hair

HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron


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If you trust your hair only to professionals, we advise you to try a professional hair straightener that will keep your natural hair maximum healthy.
Properly used, it will not damage your hair. They will shine with a tremendous brilliance.

So, a professional company in the field of equipment for the needs of professional hairdressers.

Tourmaline coating, as well as possible, will keep your natural hair as healthy and shiny.
Natural tourmaline ions, this is an amazing discovery that helps to make your hair as from the covers of fashion magazines!
The size is suitable for both short and long hair. Even if you like often change your image and make short haircuts, and then grow your hair again, you will not have to change the device!
It is a professional tool, so it’s durable enough and will withstand long and aktive usage.

Very quickly the device is ready for operation!
He deserves excellent reviews from professionals. Read full review HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Hair Straightener

6th SST Professional Ceramic Flat Iron


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It was was impossible not to include in our list of recommended tools this model!
Ion technology will not give a chance to your strands curl again during a day.

Very fast heat, only about 30 seconds!

The device is also equipped with a heat-resistant case, which is convenient for travel.

We believe that if you have natural hair, it is better to use professional tools.
The difference between instruments for professionals and usual tools is also that PRO tools can save a lot of time. Fast heating, convenient long cord, good gliding will not distract on annoying little things.

Professional tools have rather long cords, and we strongly advise you to carefully monitor the situation when the hot part of the appliance can melt the electric cord when touched. If this happens, change the device without any doubts or take it to the repair. Read full review 6th SST Professional Ceramic Flat Iron

Tips to use a flat iron on natural hair

Using the flat iron in the perfect way requires consideration of some important points. If these points are properly considered while using a flat iron on natural hairs, you will be able to achieve your desired look. Here are the tips you need to follow:

Clean your hair before using flat iron:

Best Flat Iron for Natural HairThe results of a flat iron can be maximized only when you apply them on the clean hair. The hair style will look much appealing and awesome if it is made of the clean hair. Make sure you already shampooed them and then go for using the flat iron. Oily hair may not yield the results you want to see. As applying heat to the hair that has dirt and oil particles on it will be nothing more than baking.

Choose the appropriate material:

Not every material will be best for you. You need to consider the one that best suits the quality and texture you have. By material we mean the type of ingredients or substances that are used for the manufacturing of the plates on the flat iron you are using. Different plating materials are better for a different type of hair textures. The plates are the ones that will come in the direct contact with your hair. There will be a lot of types of plates you will find in the market like ceramic, tourmaline and titanium.

Consider the ionic technology in your flat iron:

Your hairs are the most sensitive part of your body. You cannot just simply afford to waste your hair by using the low-quality products. The best quality flat iron will have the new ionic technology in it. It is better to choose the one with this technology as it will allow you to have the best hair style will almost no damage to your hair. Due to the presence of ionic technology, the flat iron will emit negative ions that will combine with the positive ones and reduce the exposure of heat to your hair. As a result, you will get the required results without damaging your hair. Some example is AsaVea Ionic Hair Straightener

Choose the right size of hair straightener

The size of the flat iron you are using will have a great impact on the result you will have. You need to use the one that best suits with the length and the texture of your hair. For example, flat irons with less width are perfect for the people with short hair or for men. Moreover, the standard sized flat irons are used by the ones that have the hair with medium length. Large irons should be selected if you have long and thick hair.

Consider heat controlling option:

Not every hair has the capacity to remain undamaged when exposed to the heat. That is why you need to have a flat iron that has the feature of adjustable temperature. Moreover, there are times when you only want a slight touch of the equipment to your hair. Exposing your hair to the maximum heat every time can be dangerous. Make sure you are buying the flat iron that allows you to adjust the temperature according to your requirement.

Periodic cleaning of your flat iron:

Like all other hair equipment you have, your flat iron also needs your attention. It should be cleaned frequently to minimize the damages you can face. Using the flat iron, again and again, will cause different chemicals to build up on the plates and that can be bad for the health of your hair. By cleaning it with regular intervals, you will be able to increase the life-span of your flat iron. However, you need to make sure that the iron is properly cooled down before you start cleaning it. You can use damp clothes or a warm cloth to clean the plates. Look also best ceramic flat iron.

Use a protective layer before using flat iron:

The direct exposure of heat to your hair at a maximum temperature can have damaging effects which are why you need to apply a protective layer on your hair before you start using the flat iron. For this purpose, you can use heat protectant hair sprays or creams. After applying them on your hair, you will be able to straight them in a proper way. This should be considered even if you are using the best flat iron available in the market.

Save your ears from burns:

The use of flat iron is becoming quite common. Almost everyone has used it for once in their life. Moreover, there are a lot of cases that report the burns they get from the use of flat irons. These burns are usually caused on ears and sides of the face. However, it is best to cover up your ears before you start ironing your hair. You can get the cover for the ears to protect them from the heat and burns.

These are the tips you need to follow while using a flat iron on your natural hair. By using the best quality flat iron, you will be able to achieve a silky and a smooth look. With the addition to the above-mentioned tips, the results will be beyond your expectations.

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