Best Flat Iron For Thick Hair

If you happen to be one of those people who was blessed with thick and lustrous hair full of volume then you probably realize that it comes as a double edged sword. Like many things the more sought after the look, the more work is required to make it that great. Thick hair is just always going to require more effort than thin hair to keep it in check. This applies for all sorts of styling materials from gels, to shampoos, and of course hair straighteners. Let see what is the best hair straightener for thick hair.

So, if figuring out the best course of action for straightening your thick hair is on your agenda then this guide made for you. We are going to delve into the ins and outs of the flat iron world so you can find the perfect tool that helps make your thick hair as gorgeous as nature intended.

KIPOZI Pro Nano-Titanium Review
  • KIPOZI Pro Nano-Titanium
  • 1 inch
  • 450F
  • Nano-Titanium
ProCabello Hair Straightening Brush Review
  • ProCabello Hair Straightening Brush
  • -
  • 450F
  • Ceramic
Remington S9630 T Review
  • Remington S9630 T
  • 2 inch
  • 455F
  • Ceramic
Instyler wet to dry Review
  • Instyler wet to dry
  • 1 1/4 inches
  • 410F
  • Titanium
Hot Tools Curling Iron Review
  • Infiniti Pro Flat Iron
  • 1-1/4 inch
  • 455F
  • Ceramic

Top 5 Best Flat Iron For Thick Hair

KIPOZI Pro Nano-Titanium

KIPOZI Pro Nano-Titanium Review

The Kipozi Pro hair straightener is modeled after the traditional hair straightener providing all of the features you need to quickly straighten your hair whether it is thin or thick. With a nice large heating surface and a wide range of temperature settings, this is a good, simple straightener that gets the job done no matter the difficulty. The design is simplistic using just white and orange with a comprehensive LED display. With 1.75-inch titanium plates, you get a great level of heat distribution that is necessary for dealing with thicker hair. You also have enough space to straighten large sections of hair at the same time. Even though it looks like a straightener this tool also has two-in-one capability so you can curl your hair with it as well.

A highlight for this straightener is the amazing heating range that you can set between 170 degrees and 450 degrees Fahrenheit making it one of the best products on the market for dealing with a variety of hair types. With a such a high range of heat, this brush also heats up in only 30 seconds and has an hour-long auto shutoff for safety. The packaging makes it an amazing gift with a stylish gift box for storage and a traveling pouch included as well. With a nice length and a flexible power cord, this is a top of the line straightener at an affordable price with the quality and features to please even the most strict among hair stylists.
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ProCabello Hair Straightening Brush

ProCabello Hair Straightening Brush Review

The ProCabello hair straightening brush combines the classic hairbrush with the ability to dry and straighten your hair to bring a new dimension to styling. This brush screams high tech with a smooth embossed white black and teal color scheme that should fit well into even the most stylish of bathrooms. Other color styles are also available to suit your fancy. It uses ceramic tourmaline heating to increase the health of your hair.

Combining negative ions and infrared heating the atoms kill harmful bacteria and allow water to penetrate the hair increasing the health of your scalp as well. It also has a universal voltage ranging from 110 to 240 volts so even when you take it overseas it shouldn’t require the types of converters that most electronics require. A LED display and intuitive controls allow you to set the proper temperature for your hair.

The ProCabello brush has special bristles that are made to prevent scalding while being soft enough to massage your scalp. For portability and ease of use, a 360-degree swivel power cord is included so you can approach your hair from any angle. Measuring at 14 inches with the heat capabilities to deal with thick hair this is a cutting edge brush for straightening your hair with ease. It is a bit on the heavier side at 1.7 pounds but it is still light enough for prolonged use. This is a brush that heats up quickly and brings multiple healing properties at the expense of the speed you might find in a more traditional tool.
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Remington S9630 T

Remington S9630 T Review

The Remington S9630 is a different type of animal when it comes to the world of hair straighteners. From the stylish design to the extra attention to detail this is a straightener made for users who want high efficiency especially those who deal with more unwieldy thick hair. The metallic red and black appeal allow this straightener to deliver some style even before you hit the button.

Using Silk Ceramic technology we have a straightener with ten times the ceramic of your traditional hair straightener. This allows for the user to make good use of the heating to straighten their hair at a consistent pace so you don’t need to use nearly as much time as it would normally take to straighten your hair.

The extra ceramic also leaves you with less frizz when the job is done thanks to the cohesive heating. With a temperature that maxes out at 455 degrees, we have salon quality heating that will straighten even the thickest of hair at an expedient pace. It can heat up in fifteen seconds and you have a total of thirty different heat setting so no matter the type of hair this straightener can get the job done. With two-inch heating plates and a length of 15 inches, this straightener is pretty easy to use with a flexible cord that allows you to approach at whatever angle you would like. Finally, a weight of 1.5 pounds means you can straighten a ton of hair without getting arm fatigue.
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Instyler wet to dry

Instyler wet to dry Review

This sleek iron from InStyler is loaded with features to bridge the gap between freshly washed hair and a perfect styling ready to go out and impress. In a sharp white color with purple detailing this is a straightening and curling iron that is also a hair dryer built into one. With high temperature specially designed bristle pods this iron harnesses the power of air to whisk away the water from your hair so you can quickly go from freshly washed to ready to style. The 1 and a quarter inch wide barrel allows you to straighten and curl thick hair quite well.

With a titanium barrel and tourmaline ceramic floating plate this tool is great for reaching and maintaining the high temperatures required for styling thick hair. It can heat itself up in 30 seconds and also includes an automatic shut off function for safety. We also have multiple heating setting for different types of hair topping out at 410 degrees for people with really thick hair. With a thirteen inch length, this is a straightening and curling iron that is easy to wield and you have a six-inch barrel with just enough space to curl all types of hair effectively. Thanks to the versatility of this iron it can be used to curl or straighten hair efficiently. The ability to dry and style your hair at the same time makes this a pretty unique straightening and curling device that covers the basics well and then some.
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Infiniti Pro Flat Iron

Infiniti Pro Flat Iron

Infiniti Pro Flat Iron is a well made and dynamic product which should work well for a variety of users especially the ones who have thick hair. This is thanks to good choices being made when it comes to barrel length a heating. With a minimum heat of 280 degrees and a maximum reaching up to 430 degrees, this is a tool primarily for thicker hair as the high-temperature range will leave thin haired users with a lot of unused setting. The digital display has the ability to save your settings so you can get the right temperature every time once you find it. With a one and a half inch barrel, this straightening iron excels at giving you nice smooth and shiny strands with ease. The ceramic and titanium barrel combines high durability with excellent temperature control so you can maintain the proper setting without worry.

This will help your straight hair last longer and stay in a consistent shape. The entire iron comes out to sixteen inches with around eight inches for the barrel which is great for thick hair because it will allow you to work with a larger amount of hair at once. A powerful spring clip helps as the final piece to lead you towards professional level styled hair. With a weight around 1.5 pounds, it is also light and easy to use.
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The Nature of Hair

Hair is a naturally unruly part of our bodies as it grows along with us from infancy. Over time depending on numerous factors such as nutrition, environment, and even how we sleep our hair can grow a mind of its own. That is why we have developed tools to fix our hair into some sort of obedient fashion. Heat is the primary tool for breaking down hair just so it is malleable to work with. This creates a fine line however as too much heat can destroy your hairs fibers to the point that you will have to cut it off and start all over again.

Thick hair is the most troublesome because it stores more moisture and requires more heat as well. Thankfully more tools are being created that work along with the nature of your hair instead of against it. The perfect flat iron for your hair will be able to accomplish results without deteriorating your hair.

Best Flat Iron For Thick Hair


The most important thing for straightening your hair will be the temperature at which your hair reacts. Generally the thicker your hair the higher the temperature required to achieve long lasting results. Even if your thick hair straightens at 350 degrees it won’t last long if the optimal temperature for your hair is 410 degrees.

Most hair will burn at 450 degrees so that is usually the stopping point for the majority of hair straighteners. Thick haired individuals will want to look for an iron that can at least reach 410 degrees because the window for straightening thick hair is generally between 380 and 410 degrees. Experimentation might be necessary or you can ask a hair care professional for their opinion on the best temperature for your hair.

Plate Materials

In the past many flat irons were actually made of iron or more basic types of metal. The problem with this is depending on the material you can get vastly different results. It mostly comes down to how even the heating is. The best materials for your iron are going to be ceramic, titanium or tourmaline. You want to make sure your iron has plates made or lined with these because they produce very even heating. If the heating is not even then you are liable to destroy individual strands of hair while others seem perfectly fine.

Once you know the right temperature for your hair any fluctuation after that can have drastic consequences. These aforementioned materials can heat at a stable temperature well. To take it a step further search for a straightener with ionic heating properties so the heat penetrates and works from the inside out making your hair easier to work with first as opposed to frying it before the interior starts to bend.

Plate Size

While thin haired people can get away with using a small flat iron, there are certain breakpoints you want to reach if you are on the thicker side of the spectrum. This is because the size of the plates will determine not only the speed at which you can get the job done, but also the overall effectiveness. An even heated plate at the appropriate size will go a long way towards making straightening your thick hair less of a chore.

For thick hair a 1 inch wide plate is probably the bare minimum while 1 and a quarter inch is the common standard you will want to look for. Two inches is a bit harder to find but will probably allow you to reach the quickest results. You don’t want to go above that unless your iron uses high tech methods such as ionic heating because diminishing returns can start to kick in.

Other Features to Keep in Mind

While the size of the plates and the maximum temperature controls are the most important things to keep in mind for thick haired users searching for the perfect flat iron here are some other features that could be quite important. A LED screen will go a long way towards making sure you are working with the right amount of heat.

Multiple heating options, such as a pulsating function can help you create better long term results. Two pounds is also about as heavy as you want to go for a hair straightener nowadays as the lighter it is, the easier the task will be. An auto off function is also pretty important if you are the type to wonder if you turned off the “insert dangerous electronic here.” A long rotating cord can also go a long way as far as ease of use is concerned, no pun intended.


While we all marvel at lustrous thick hair, it is important to know exactly how we can achieve that type of look for ourselves. Hair straighteners have come a long way since the implementation of new materials. It may seem like anything can work nowadays, but it is important to have a frame of reference and a strong knowledge base if you are going to create stunning looks from the comfort of your home.

Hopefully now you can find the perfect hair straightener for your thick hair and even teach the salesperson a thing or too.

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