The Best Flat Iron for African-American Hair

Styling and managing hair is something we have to do on daily basis. The quick and easy way to manage гт hair type is to use the best quality flat iron. However, it should be accepted that managing African-American hair type is somewhat difficult as compared to the other hair types. Due to this coarse texture, it is difficult to iron them. Moreover, the African-American hair type is more porous as a result they get damaged due to heat more often. That is why you need to have a flat iron that is of the best quality. So, our top picks of the best flat iron for African-American hair:

Moroccan Hit Titanium Flat Iron

Moroccan Hit Titanium Flat Iron

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How would you feel if a hairdresser to come to your house? It sounds tempting, does not it?

We are glad to make you happy – it is possible!
Incredibly comfortable – Titanium Flat Iron by Moroccan Hit, is especially suitable for use on African-American hair.

Wide floating titanium plates will give you the opportunity to control the straightening of strands really well. Which is especially important for African-American hair!

Without a liquid crystal display, it is difficult to imagine modern irons for straightening. It is very convenient. Temperature control is very important not to burn your hair.

The temperature is adjustable from 265F to 445F.
Without a swivel cord, it’s impossible to imagine a PRO tool!

You can safely use the device without fear that the handle will become hot. No needs to wait until it cools down. It will stay cold at any temperature of using it.

Ions will keep your hair as healthy as possible and give an incredible shine!

One of the best instrument for African-American hair. Read full review Moroccan Hit Titanium Flat Iron

LumaBella Keratin Dual Touch

LumaBella Keratin Dual Touch

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Beauty devices are getting smarter. They not only perform their work faster and better, but also are created with the possibility of preserving our health.

The device we recommend, is very suitable for use on African-American hair in a number of parameters.

Firstly, Ceramic plates, which are filled with keratin micro-conditioners. During the use, they are transferred to the hair and give an incredible shine!

But that is not all! The stripes of thermal sensors detect excessive heating of hairs and adapted to the adjustment of heat.

What else is good about this particular tool.
It allows you not only to straighten your hair, but also to curl it!
Large curls look great on African-American hair!

Another feature of the tool, which we would like notice especially is – KERATIN MICRO-CONDITIONERS.
The plates are infused with keratin micro-conditioners that provide a healthy skin.

Floating plates are responsible for smooth sliding. They distribute heat evenly, which is important for the speed of creating a hairstyle.

Five heating modes from 300 ° F to 450 ° F for different types of hair and styling options.

Definitely, this device deserved our high praise! Including thanks to the ability to make both straight hair and curls. Read full review LumaBella Keratin Dual Touch

Identification of hair type:

the best flat iron for african-american hairThere is a possibility that your head may contain hairs of different texture at the same time. Then how will you identify the type of hair you have? Well, you can look for the following points that will make the identification process easier.

  • If the hairs are coiled or curled
  • Size of the curls
  • The shape of the curls or coils
  • The current volume of your hair
  • The intensity to which your hair can shrink
  • The ability to hold up the level of moisture

The above points will not only help in the identification of the hair type you have but also help you in choosing the right flat iron for them. As they are the most sensitive area of your body, you cannot afford to damage them by using the low-quality or mismatched product that is not suitable for the hair type. Although the curls are always in style but there is a need to change your hair style to provide yourself a new look for the upcoming event. Moreover, you can also change your look according to the season. All you need to have is the right type of flat iron which is of the best quality.

Best flat iron for African-American hair: types of coating materials

Best flat irons come with a variety of material allowing you to select the one that best suits your requirement. The material basically refers to the type of substance that is used in the manufacturing of plates present in the flat iron. Following are the major types of materials that can be used for the African American hair types.


A material that is specifically designed to style the hairs with tight curls is titanium. It is the only material that can provide you with the best flat and sheen look for the curly hair. This is the reason this material is used in the flat irons for African American hair type. As they provide a high level of temperature control to the users, they are favorite for the ones that loves to control the temperature while styling their hair. However, if your hair is used to of getting ironed with regular intervals then this material is the best choice. If you have thick hair or 3C type 4 hair, it will be the best choice for you.


Another material that is widely used in the flat irons nowadays. The ceramic is the material that is best for the African American hair type that is not much curly or thick. It is also the most common and economical option present in the market for the users. If you want to straight your hair with the exposure of low-temperature heat, the ceramic is the best choice. Moreover, the ceramic material is nowadays used with the ionic technology. The inclusion of this technology means that the ions on the ceramic plate will emit negative ions that will further pair up with the positive ones. This pairing will decrease the damaging effect your hair can have due to the exposure to heat. The use of the ceramic material will result in the shiny and frizz-free hair. This is the best option for the straight or wavy African American hair type.


The tourmaline is a material that is added to the flat iron plate is the form of the crushed substance. It mainly contains the prismatic crystals that are added to the plate after crushing them in the form of powder. This crystal material helps in the smoothing of the curls your hair has. Moreover, the heat damage is reduced with the emission of negative ions. This will further prevent your hair from dryness and internal damage. The results of the plates made up of tourmaline can be seen by only passing your hair from them for seconds. As a result, less heat is exposed to your hair. For the hair type that contains tight coils, it is the best option that can be selected. Use the flat iron with this material and create eye-catching hair styles regularly.

Maintaining your flat iron:

As the African American hair type is hard to handle. Due to their texture, it is necessary to put in a little more effort. While caring for your hair, you should not ignore the fact that the flat iron you are using for your hair also requires your attention. It should be maintained by following specific practices so that it can work best for you every time. Following are the major points you need to consider while maintaining the flat iron you are using:

Set the temperature to warm not hot:

You should not expose your hair to the maximum amount of heat that can be produced in the flat iron. Make sure your iron is hot before using, instead of heating it up during straightening.

Unplug before cleaning:

You should not clean your flat iron when it is plugged in as it will result in different forms of damages.

Use warm water to clean the sides:

Apart from the plates, your flat iron requires cleaning of the sides as well. Do not use hot water to clean them instead use warm water for that purpose.

These are the major points you need to follow while choosing and caring for the flat iron you are using on your African American hair type.

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