Best Curling Wand

What is the best curling wand in June, 2022?

Stylists and friends have their take on what the best curling wand is, but which one is the best for you? If you have flat, straight hairs then finding the best curling wand to turn your normally straight hair into brilliant curls is required for amazing results. The best curling iron has all features comfortable for you.

You already know that there are many things to check out before buying a device such as a type, size, and technology. With barrel size, you need to find one, that provides curls as you need.

Small barrel generates springier, much stronger curls.
The average barrel generates natural curls and a bigger barrel gives you bigger, loose curls.
A large barrel will create wonderful waves.

Checking out the technology and type of the barrel is equally essential since this is what comes into contact with your hairs. Regular metal is used with a simple ceramic coating on the top and this isn’t able to give an even heat distribution over the exterior covering of your hairs, resulting in burning and damage. The best curling wand is one that features authentic ceramic or tourmaline components to give an even heat distribution, avoiding hotspots and making your hairs in a very healthy way. A barrel like this will always be smooth and thus make your curls look flat also. That is exactly love, what we are looking for, isn’t it?

I can say about my experience. When I had short hair, it was very convenient for me to use a thin curling wand. I had no difficulty quickly getting used to it. With such type of curling wand, hair could be curly in the style of a main of a lion, as in the mid-seventies. Well, you know what I mean. In this situation, a thin stick was just a find!

The other story is about the very thick and straight hair of one of my clients. She wanted really wavy hair, not curly but wavy. That was a challenge because her hair was so stubborn! I suggested taking one of the big barrels and set the highest temperature setting. That was a good decision because we got exactly what she wanted. The best curling wand for you honey, it’s the best combination of parameters: the desired result, safety for your hair, the length of the hair, the time, and the ease of use specifically for you.

Temperature settings of the curling wand and your Hair type

I would note that there are different heat settings for curling for different hair types. This is more so in case you are using a curling wand having flexible adjustable temperatures.

In electronically managed devices the frequent idea is

Low setting (250F) for sensitive, outstanding and color managed hair
Medium setting (310F)for frequent thick hair
Medium-high (330F)for thick and curly hair
High Max (360 to 395F)for hard to curl or very thick hair

Remember that, for efficient styling of hairs, most top brands of wands nowadays, use an increase of power to keep the barrel constantly heated. By following these safety recommendations described above, you can get the same quality level of hair styling at home, as you would in a salon with a higher top-quality curling wand. Ok, almost the same quality level! 🙂

My top picks

Twirl Curling Wand by Xtava

best curling wand

Sometimes it can be difficult to choose the correct size of the curling wand.

Not all curling wands can make the curl elastic and tight. Very wide models will create a wave rather than curl. The shorter the hair, the smaller the size of the curling wand should be.

This tool is convenient because it has a thicker size at the bottom and tapers to the end.

If your hair is very short, you can use just the very tip of it.
Like many modern instruments for hair, it is equipped with a temperature regulator. As we have already written many times, this allows you not to burn your hair.

Always start with a lower temperature and only if the result does not suit you, raise it higher. Like many modern instruments for hair, it is equipped with a temperature regulator. As we have already written many times, this allows you not to burn your hair.

Always start with a lower temperature and only if the result does not suit you, raise it higher. Also, the manufacturer supplied the curling wand – the function of switching off the device after a while. This really often prevents fires!
Another very important thing in our opinion is that the device is equipped with the option – Universal dual voltage (110 – 240V AC) which is very important for travelers!

You will definitely like the bag case! It will be nice to use it on trips.

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Curling Wand with Automatic steam by Rejawece


Manufacturers are always inventing something new and technologies are driving to make hair devices more and more technologically.
The device looks rather cumbersome, and at first, some even refused such models, but during training, you will really appreciate how quickly and conveniently you can manage it!

1. The manufacturer specifies the time for a specific style of curls.
2. A beep will let you know when you need to release the strand.
3. With using water, it will make your curls moisturized and shiny.

With this technology, your hair will stay healthy and shiny, and you will enjoy the beautiful curls!

By the way, the device heats up almost instantly, which will save you a lot of time!

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