Best Curling Iron For Thick Hair

If you are someone who can thank genetics for your unruly thick hair, looking for the tools to tame your mane can be a troublesome venture. While thick hair has the potential to pull off the most stunning looks in hair styling it also requires more attention to detail in your product selection in order to find the right solutions that will give you long-lasting curls. So, you don’t end up spending hundreds of dollars at the salon. We have put together this guide about best curling iron for thick hair to help you navigate towards the perfect tools so you can look great before you step out for a night on the town.

The best aspects of thick hair the volume and bounce of the curls also make it hard to work with. Styling thick hair is a long an arduous process without the right tools and knowledge, and even then it can still be a bit of a chore. Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for a curler for your thick hair.

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Short Descriptions of Best Curling Iron For Thick Hair

ACEVIVI Automatic Curling Wand

ACEVIVI Automatic Curling Wand ReviewSometimes a company tries to reinvent the game and that is what ACEVIVI had in mind with this curling wand that could revolutionize the industry. Using the power of steam along with more traditional materials like ceramic this curling wand is made to automatically curl your hair upon entry as opposed to the twisting and turning of your more traditional curling method. Using ionic technology the steam pre treats your hair so the ceramic can gently curl your hair to the selected style with only one pass.

This technology allows your hair to be properly cared for during the styling process so you don’t have the normal extra dry hair that often occurs after using standard hair curling methods. With a unique black, silver, and blue metallic design this curling wand leans more towards the magic side of technology. It can be a bit tricky to use however and getting hair stuck inside can be a bit of a pain.

You will need to take extra time to make sure you insert the right amount of hair in at a time to get the proper results. With temperature controls reaching up to 450 degrees and multiple settings for different styles of curls the customization options are as plentiful as they are easy to access. At a bit over two pounds this wand is a bit heavier than most curlers though that isn’t much of an issue thanks to the difference in operation. The height of curling innovation, though you just might need to watch a few videos before you get going.

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Hot Tools HT1108

Hot Tools HT1108 Review If you are looking to buy a curling iron with a bit more of a learning curve in exchange for strong performance then this iron from Hot Tools is worth a look. The first thing you will notice about this iron is its golden color that is mainly aesthetic but does well to hint at the quality of curl it is capable of. With a one inch wide barrel it can struggle to deal with large amounts of thick hair at the same time in comparison to wider curling irons. Instead we get tighter curls full of volume thanks the efficient heating capabilities of this model.

It heats up quickly and maxes out at 430 degrees so it can handle even thick hair quite well. With multiple heat settings and even a pulsing mode your ability to style with this curler will come down to practice and experience more often than it would with most curlers.

Though once you get used to it, this iron has the potential to perform the task spectacularly. Though thanks to the material it will be a bit more dangerous to use than a traditional curler requiring a bit of a professional touch that you can achieve in time. A soft handle and grip along with a 1 pound weight make this curler a delight to use and out the time in to master all of its tricks. Not for the faint of heart, this curler brings a bit more challenge for its stylish results.

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PARWIN PRO ReviewFor the hair stylists who wants a professional grade job done whether they are at the salon or at home this curler by Parwin represents a high end curler loaded with useful features. For secret agents and serious hair care only this curler comes in all black along with a heat resistant glove so you can get the job done quickly and professionally with less worry. For heat control you have a combination of tourmaline and ceramic that is going to give you a nice and sustained temperature for whatever setting you choose. This also leads into the speed of heating which allows this curler to reach 200 degrees in just 30 seconds.You have a range from 200 to 450 degrees to work with. You can keep it low for more fragile thin hair or go over 400 for extra thick hair.

Users with thick hair will really enjoy the size of this curler at 32 mm you will have enough room to get the job done pretty quickly no matter how much volume your hair has. A 1.25 inch wide barrel works in conjunction with the length to handle any style of hair while creating medium size curls or larger curves without too much extra effort. A 360 degree swivel cord allows this curler to stay maneuverable with its 1.3 pound weight. This is a complete professional hair curling package with consistent heat and safety built into the product with the gloves and an auto off function as well.

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Remington Pro

Remington Pro ReviewThis hair curler from Remington comes with their knowledge of personal styling built in a succinct package for handling your curling needs. Whether you have thin and frail hair or thick lustrous strands this curling can make styling quick and easy. With a ceramic build this curler is great at reaching high temperatures quickly and sustaining the heat. You also don’t have to worry about it frying your hair as much as you would with a steel curler. With a 1 and a quarter inch width you have the perfect in between size that is not too much for thin hair while being just enough for thick hair.

The color scheme of this curler uses purple and a pale pink along with a touch of sparkle for a stylish curler that is likely to turn a head or two. With ten different heat settings and the ability to reach up to 410 degrees you can easily adjust this curler for your hair style using the simple to read LED screen. A twelve and a half inch length gives you about five inches to work with for curling surface which is a bit low if your hair is really thick. Though this should only effect the speed of your curling slightly. With a weight that lies super light at 1.2 pounds this is a hair curler that is extremely easy to use and serves the pedigree of a styling company like Remington quite well.

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What is Thick Hair and Do I have it?

It is important to make the distinction between hair thickness and hair density if you are going to find the best tool. Thick hair is a property of your hair having stronger hydrogen bonds which also makes it harder to manipulate. You can tell if you have thick hair by seeing if you can easily discern the feel of a single strand. People with thinner hair and higher density will hardly be able to notice that they are holding a single strain of hair beyond eyesight.

best curling iron for thick hair


Temperature is incredibly important for good hair care and thicker hair starts to walk a pretty fine line. Heat can destroy your hair while at the same time it is one of the best ways to control it. Thick hair requires higher heat with varying levels required for each individuals hair. It is best to test on lower heat and work your way up till you find a temperature that works well for you.

The high heat will break down the bonds so you can create the style you want. For thick hair you want a curler that has a maximum temperature of at least 300 degrees fahrenheit. Pushing up towards the 410 degree mark is a good goal to keep in mind as really thick hair will generally need at least 350 degrees. The more high heat settings you have the better, and you also want to make sure the barrel of your curler is not made of a material with high temperature fluctuation which we will touch on below.


While people with thinner hair can get away with more options there are certain criteria that should be met for a person with thick hairs curling iron barrel. Thicker hair is more difficult to work with and requires a certain set of features. To avoid temperature fluctuation you want a barrel that is made out of ceramic or titanium coated because this accomplishes better heat control and also allows you curler to heat up to high temperatures faster for your thick hair. The second thing to look for in your barrel is to make sure it is at least six inches long because it will speed up you hair styling allowing you to work with more hair at a time.

Finally you also want to get a barrel that is at least 1 and a quarter inches wide as well. This will allow you to get a better hold of your hair as you twist and curl it. You should keep the style you want in mind though when it comes to barrel width. While a wider barrel will make it easier for you to work with your hair, it also will help to determine the style of your curl. Bigger barrels create larger and more wavy curls while thinner barrels will give you more small curls.


While it might not have an effect on the quality of your hair styling weight is still something you need to keep in mind. The heavier your iron the more of a tedious and painful procedure is staring you in the face when you grab your curling iron. Look for a tool that weighs around a pound if you can or less because it will go along way towards improving the overall process.

Temperature Gloves

Since you are dealing with highly heated hair it is very helpful to have gloves made for dealing with those high temperatures so you can use your hands to detail the styling as you move along. While you can purchase these gloves separately or even use an oven mitt in a pinch, it is always nice to find a curling tool that comes along with specially made gloves.

Thick Hair Tips

Once you have the right size or curling iron along with the right heat setting there are still many things to keep in mind when curling thick hair. You want to the curler along as steadily as you can while you work because leaving high heat on any section of your hair for too long can deteriorate it or leave your styling with weird lines. When you reach the end of your hair you want to gently turn the hair back toward itself so you get nice and full curves. Also try to make sure that you give your hair a bit of time to cool before you move along to the next piece. Finally and most importantly make sure your hair is completely dry before you start as moisture can lead to fried hair and thick hair hold moisture better. And read my guide and reviews 🙂


A variety of hair care products can also go a long way to making your curling tool operate that much better. Just go easy on the conditioner as it will effect how long your curls stay in. Finding the right hair care tool for thick hair is not too daunting of the task. Hopefully with this guide you can find the perfect tool for you.