Berta Automatic Hair Curler Review


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If you are looking for a great value for money and professional grade iron, look no further. This curling iron virtually delivers it all. So what is exactly? BERTA Automatic Hair Curler Tourmaline Ceramic Professional Curling Iron US Plug, Purple is a medium size barrel iron ideal for creating a wide range of wavy and loose curly hairstyles on any hair type. The Iron is suitable for both professional and frequent home use and is packed with quality features and technologies for fast, easy, and professional looking results every time. For more details on what this Iron has to offer, we’ve listed them all below.

Basic Features and Advantages:

Berta automatic Hair Curler Review
Ceramic Ion Tourmaline Material. Τhanks to its ceramic tourmaline technology, the barrel heats evenly and fast delivering just the right amount of heat for full results and minimal damage to the hair. The negative ion technology also helps combat frizz-so no more worries and shame that your hair is going to look like a frizzy mess afterwards. Plus, the odds of frying your hair and making it smell like burnt are dramatically reduced.

Medium Size Barrell. If you fancy an all-purpose curling iron for a wide variety of styles e.g loose waves, deep waves, curls, and kinkiness, this is it. And the best part, it does all these automatically. The way you use it and the time you allow for each hair strand will give you varied results.

Auto Running Mode. Unlike conventional irons which require rubbing your hair around and then wait a few seconds to a minute for it to curl, this curling iron does it automatically for you. Yep, it may sound crazy and a bit funny but it actually works. You just switch it on, rub the bottom part and then wait a few seconds for it to rub the rest of your hair. Your hands will thank you for this!

Easy to use handle. The design of this curling iron, couldn’t be easier. It has two simple modes one left and one right for different hair styles and even a 6 year old girl could figure this out. Plus it has a flexible cord for more easier handling and twisting when you hold it. It really frees your hands no need to wrap everything into multiple angles for it to work.

Safe Use. This is equipped with a 360 degree free swivel cord and a safe US plug it also automatically shuts off after 40 minutes so it doesn’t get heated too much and catch fire this actually a very useful function if you sometimes forget to switch it off while getting ready. You can rest assured that nothing will burn. And in case that the iron no longer works within two years after purchasing it, this comes with a 1 year replacement guarantee and 2 year warranty.

One heat setting. If too many heating options confuse you, this has a single universal heat setting which is 230 F this heat setting works for most hair types and textures and you can get more defined results by allowing it to sit on your hair for more time. No more time wasting on trying to experiment with different heat settings. (look Temperature Settings table)

Small to medium size and lightweight. None of us like to struggle with big and heavy curling tongs every time we are trying to style our hair. The small to medium size barrel is ideal for a small yet steady handle and its weight helps ease the discomfort when you hold it.


This works differently than most curling irons as it is automatic however, using it at least 2 times is enough for you to figure out how it works properly and with time, you will find this easier to curl your hair compared to other models. To start using it, comb your hair well to get rid of knots and blow dry with a flat brush and a hair dryer to smoothen up the surface of your hair. Stray optionally with a heat protectant spray to protect it from damage and start taking medium 1-2 inch thick hair sections the easier way to do this is to rub your hair ends first. Turn it on and choose a side (right or left) to make it start curling your hair.

The right side is good for curling your hair outwards for a more flared look and the left side is ideal for more tight and inward curls. For looser and more natural looking results, leave it only for 5-6 seconds in your hair and then release.Do the same with the rest of the hair and set everything with a great hold hair spray.

Tip: Be careful when unraveling and releasing the hair when you are done as it may tangle your hair so unravel slowly.


This is one of the cheapest curling irons you will find, out there as it costs only $23-$25 and delivers the same or similar quality results as its other more expensive counterparts. So if you are long for something that delivers a great value for you buck, this curling iron is perfect.


This automatic curling iron is definitely one of the best value for money curling irons you will find out there as it heats up fast, controls frizz, and works automatically to produce great quality curls. It’s no wonder that has achieved a very high 4.8/5 stars among amazon and beauty reviewers. Plus it’s one of the easiest to work with and you don’t have to ask someone else to help you out it does 80% of the job for you in just a few seconds. On the downside, some gals who are used to curling their hair with regular iron may find this takes a bit of practice but still nothing complex. And the best part is, it doesn’t fry and damage your hair like the rest of curling irons due to its ion tourmaline technology and universal heat setting.

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