Bed Head Curlipops Spiral Curling Wand Review

4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5) Bed Head Curlipops Spiral Curling Wand Review

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The search for the perfect hair curler can take a very long time because it is very rare or expensive to find a hair curler that can create a wide variety of hair styles. Since this is a major issue the majority of hair curler manufacturer’s design their curler to create one style of curled hair quickly and efficiently. They do this through their creative construction and the Curlipops spiral curling wand from Bed Head fits right into this spectrum.

Using an inventive design, high quality materials and constant sustained temperature this curling wand gives you a natural spiral curl style with great shine and bounce. If shine is a high priority for you then this wand will suit you quite nicely from the bold metallic colors of the wand to the way it will make your hair look when you are done. This wand available from Bed Head in a variety of colors is heavily focused on creating a precise look for people who want their hair curling tools to standout just as much as their freshly styled hair. Though even when creating a streamlined product you can run into issues and this curling wand is not perfect so follow along to find out if this bold and aggressively designed wand is right for you.

Product Description

Bed Head Curlipops Spiral Curling Wand ReviewShine is the word of the day for this hair curler from a shiny package, to a shiny curler, to a shiny hair style. Shine comes in large doses for a curling wand that will speak to some people, most likely the younger shoppers, and scare away others looking for something a bit more toned down. This might happen because often when things are glossed up they get confused for being cheap but that is not the case here.

Though the packaging choice of super thick plastic that requires professional strength shears over the more classic well designed box does not help to prove that point. The tool itself has a 1 inch spiral barrel made of tourmaline and ceramic. This is the best combination you can find on the market and it ensure that your hair will be nurtured during the styling process at a constant heat without heat spots and frizz. The end result will always have a healthy sheen thanks to the negative ions enriching your hair from the high quality materials.

The design of the barrel leads to “springy spirals with vivacious volume” also know as spiral curls that will get tighter towards the ends. The handle is a metallic teal color that will catch your eye from afar though it doesn’t bring much as far as grip or fancy controls as you only have a simple on and off switch and no temperature display. As per usual without a display this wand is limited to a single temperature which happens to be 400 degrees in this case. This is a high heat that will contribute to the long lasting, shiny curls you desire.

Thanks to the selection of materials this should still be safe for most hair types though thin haired users should approach with caution. When using this tool to style your hair you will need to lift it above you at times and wrap your hair around it without any visual aid outside of a mirror making the provided heat resistant glove very useful for avoiding injury with the clip-less design. Bed Head checked off a simple checklist for this product and when you compare it to other similarly priced sub $30 curling tools you may wish for a longer list.

Product Features

With such a hard line towards creating a certain look it should come as no surprise that this model is not exactly loaded with special features. For traveling we have the universal voltage that is necessary for making this curling wand suitable for any country. A six foot long full 360 degree swivel cord adds to this tools forward mobility as well as its average 1.2 pound weight which is nice since you will have to be flexible to use this wand to curl as you want it.

A cool to the touch insulated tip is included to give you greater control since it is a clip-less design. We also have a heat resistant glove as well which truly gives you the control that you need to use this tool as quickly and efficiently as it was designed to be used. Style over substance walks a very fine line for this product that is kept aloft by its tourmaline and ceramic barrel.


  • Flashy bold design is sure to turn heads and attract attention
  • High quality barrel with inventive design ensures that this wand’s styling always looks great
  • Dual voltage make this tool great for standing out worldwide


  • No temperature settings locks you in at a high 400 degrees
  • Forces you to hold the wand in uncomfortable positions to get the job done sometimes
  • Lacking in safety precautions

Bed Head Curlipops Spiral Curling Wand Review Verdict

Bed Head Curlipops Spiral Curling Wand
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It is quite clear from the in your face design that Bed Head knew this product would not be for everyone, but who is it for? Anyone who want a curling wand that can give you that bouncy natural curls look without too much trouble should consider picking up this wand. It is not the safest or the most flexible, but it does have the high quality materials and the design required to ensure that it will reliably create some pretty stunning, shiny curls.

The major issue we are missing here is variety with the clip-less design you will have to be creative and fearless to produce any other style with this wand. Another issue if the lack of temperature settings, while 400 degrees does give you long lasting curls quickly we are once again lacking in space for experimentation which is sad since I personally like the color scheme of this wand. This is a great wand for its particular hair style but it gets a bit harder to rate it highly when you start to look around at some of the competition.

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