BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron Review

BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron Review

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The BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Mini as you’ve guessed it is a mini version of the main and big Babyliss Pro which makes it ideal for traveling and carrying it on the go. This is one is also packed with the same features and nano-titanium technology as the original big version, and so results are almost the same.

Basic features:

  • 1 in. Wide plates.
  • Weight approx. 9.1 oz on its own
  • Measures 6 x 1 x 4.8 inches and 4.8 ounces
  • Made of nano-titanium materials
  • Has a sleek metallic blue color
  • Dual voltage system
  • Heats up to 440 F
  • Comes with an on/off switch
  • Non-swivel black cord


  • BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron ReviewDual voltage system. Unlike its fuller version, this little gem here operates in dual voltage system that works fine in U.S, Europe, or Asian countries without having to
    use a voltage converter.
  • Very easy to use on the go. This little one here is very easy to carry and use on the go as you travel from one place to another, thanks to its convenient size and lightweight composition. It will also occupy a really small space in your luggage or bag.
  • Controls damage and frizz. The nano-titanium material used in this iron can effectively penetrate the hair shaft and distribute heat evenly for smoother and glossier results as if your hair has been treated. No need to use any anti-frizz products when you are using this as it works like a charm on its own.
  • Ideal for medium and shorter hair lengths. The size of Babyliss Pro mini and its plates make it ideal for catching finer and shorter hair you wouldn’t be able to catch by using an ordinary wide plate iron. Users with shorter hair and bangs will not find this hard to work with at all.
  • Gets hot enough to achieve satisfactory results. Even though this doesn’t come with a temperature control dial, it gets hot enough to work for most hair types, e.g., fine, medium or kinky without damaging your hair. And the best part is, it gets hot fast in just a few seconds.
  • Easy to twist and make curls. If you have medium or short-length hair, you will find this very easy to achieve loose curls or waves with a simple twist and release movement as its very lightweight and flexible.
  • Gives long-lasting and humidity resistant results. When we are travelling and trying to style our hair, we often find that our style is ruined after a few hours due to the undreaded humidity or harsh weather conditions. Even though this is mini in size, it works just as well as its full version to bring you long-lasting results and make your style remain the same even when your hair is exposed to sudden humidity conditions.


  • It doesn’t have any automatic shut-off feature. Unfortunately, it also doesn’t come with a handy auto shut-off feature like many modern irons of this kind, and this raises some safety concerns as it may catch fire if forgotten to be switched off. Thus, pay extra attention and remind yourself to switch this off immediately after you finish to prevent any disaster.
  • It doesn’t have a speed dial for temperature control. Another major lack of this mini iron is that it doesn’t come with a temperature control setting and works only in one universal temperature. This may be an issue for those with very fine and fragile hair or on the contrary, very thick or afro hair which may require a higher temperature.
  • It doesn’t work fast. Even though this does heat up in seconds, it still takes a long time to style each hair strand as it can catch less amount of hair. Those with fine and short hair will not find this a problem, but people with thicker and longer hair will certainly need to spend more time to style all their hair.
  • It doesn’t come with a case or extras. Even though this is aimed for use on the go, it’s pack doesn’t feature any useful travel extras like a carrying pouch or gloves so you’ll have to purchase it separately.

How to use:

This one is so easy to use! Even a kid can style his hair. You simply switch it on, and it will reach its default temperature in approx. 15 seconds. For better results and to make sure it catches each hair section well enough, divide your hair into even smaller sections than you would normally do when using a regular sized iron. Since this is a mini version, you may need to pass it through each section more than twice to achieve ultra straight results, especially if your hair is on the kinky and curly side.

Price range:

As this is a mini version of the Babyliss pro Nano-Titanium, it costs much less and sells on average for $29.99-32.99 packed in its original new form. Used versions though can cost even less even though it is not suggested to buy a cheap used version unless you consult with the seller first that it’s in a good, useable condition.

Final verdict:

This iron certainly delivers when it says – it’s great to use on the go/when traveling. You won’t have to worry about using a converter when you use this abroad. It is especially great for those with fine, short and medium length hair because of the size of the plates. On the contrary, those with thicker and longer locks will have to spend more time and effort to make this work, and it may be a tad annoying. So even though this is not a perfect replacement for a regular sized iron, it still does its job pretty well considering its size. We wish this came at least with a temperature control setting, but this isn’t a big issue for most hair types, the average hair type with loose waves. But for this price and size, you can’t go wrong.

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  • BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron
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