AsaVea Ionic Hair Straightener Review

AsaVea Ionic Hair Straightener

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That you love your natural hair in all its glory is undeniable. But, you might want to go for a more sleek and sophisticated look sometimes. You could also need to tame its innate frizz. A hair straightener – or flat iron – is the perfect styling tool to help you do so. You will never have to complain about a “bad hair day” again with this appliance in your life.

A good flat iron will help you look more professional and put-together. It will also do wonders for your confidence on days when you want to get beautiful hair in a short time. Using these products often leaves your hair looking and feeling straight and smoother. It will also look longer be more manageable for greater periods of time.

The only difficulty arises from choosing a good hair straightener. However, the sheer number of straighteners on today’s market may make the process quite intimidating. What features should you look for? Which brand makes the best products? How do you know if the hair straightener will work as advertised? These are all very important questions that you must answer before making a purchase. This guide will help you make the perfect choice for you.

The AsaVea Rose Gold Ionic Hair Straightener: Product Description

AsaVea Ionic Hair Straightener ReviewThe AsaVea Ionic Hair Straightener is one of the best flat irons available for sale today. Every AsaVea product is designed with customer satisfaction in mind. They are built using the highest quality material to ensure the best results consistently. This ionic straightener heats up fast and is very easy to use. This flat iron is also safe to use and gentle on all types of hair. This means that it straightens your hair without pulling it out.

This flat iron has many great functionality and safety features embedded in it. It has a sleek and updated design that makes it easy to use. It also comes in a beautiful rose gold color that will make this product the perfect addition to any dressing table. Lastly, every new purchase is provided with a useful instruction manual to help you use the product safely.


The AsaVea Ionic Hair Straightener uses top-of-the-line and cutting-edge infrared technology to heat itself up. This allows you to straighten your hair without burning or crimping its follicles or shaft. It also maintains a hot and even heat that helps straighten hair quickly and thoroughly.  This is incredibly advantageous for those who have had bad experiences with flat irons in the past.

The flat iron incorporates an advanced microprocessor. This lets it provide ten different levels of heating ranging from 266F and 445F. Another great feature is that the straightener can reach the desired heat level within only 90 seconds. A sensor that turns the flat iron off automatically has also been incorporated into the design. This is another feature geared towards ensuring user safety.

The AsaVea Ionic Hair Straightener has a floating tourmaline ceramic plate on the bottom. This plate is two inches wide to let it catch and straighten more hair in one pass. Doing so cuts the time you spend on styling your hair down by more than half.

Furthermore, this flat iron uses a revolutionary dual-plate technology. It allows the appliance to maintain an even heat between its upper and lower ceramic plates. This enables the straightener to produce enough heat to give you the best possible styling results every time.

Last but not least is this product’s power cord. The cable has been designed in such a way as to allow it to swivel up to 360 degrees. This lets you hold it at any angle for easy styling without it becoming a hindrance.

Pros and Cons


  • It lets you style your hair in a variety of new ways without damaging its follicles and shaft.
  • It heats up to the required temperature within only 90 seconds.
  • It utilizes cutting-edge heat technology that leaves you hair shinier and smoother. Hair also becomes more manageable for a longer time.
  • It works well on all types of hair.
  • It allows you to set and adjust temperature easily.
  • It uses universal voltage. This eliminates the need to buy special adapters depending on your country.
  • It has a swivel cord that does not hamper your styling efforts.
  • The product’s handle does not become too hot to prevent you from holding it safely.


  • The flat iron’s larger plates make it more difficult to get to the roots of the hair and flyaway frizzy pieces.
  • The appliance reads temperature only using the Celsius scale, not in Fahrenheit.
  • It has also been known to singe the ends of hair. This appears to happen mainly in users with thinner hair.

The Final Word

It is true that many people have had bad experiences with hair straighteners. This includes stories of hair damage and breakage. Some have even reported experiencing extreme hair dryness after using a flat iron. However, a good straightener coupled with great hair products will ensure your locks stay healthy for a long time.

Furthermore, straightening your hair can also lead to some unique benefits for you. It will keep hair detangled while revealing any detrimental issues. These may include thinning, split ends and breakages. Also, curlier hair types require a lot of effort and attention to keep looking stylish and manageable. Straighter hair also makes the scalp more accessible and thus easier to take care off.

AsaVea’s Ionic Hair Straightener gives your hair all these advantages and much more. It is affordable, stylish and effective. This flat iron will ensure that your hair is both healthy and easy to manage.

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