Areti All-in-One Hair Curler, Brush Iron, and Straightener Review

Areti All-in-One Hair Curler Review

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Whether it is curly, kinky or straight, natural hair is unique, diverse, and overall amazing in all its variations. However, sometimes you would just like to avoid a bad hair day and tame errant curls or frizzy locks. That is when a brush iron or hair straightener becomes a very important hair styling tool. Alternatively, there may be days you would like to give your straight hair a glamorous makeover with some bouncy waves. In that case, a good hair Curler will definitely come in handy.

However, buying all these different implements may be quite a hit for your bank account. That is why an amazing multipurpose tool like the Areti all-in-one hair curler, brush iron and straightener is a vital addition to your dressing table. You will no longer have to worry about cluttering your home with numerous tools. Instead, this one implement will perform any styling task that you require.

Furthermore, using professional tools on your hair is imperative. Not only will you look fresh and professionally styled after only a few minutes, you will also avoid damaging your natural locks. The Areti all-in-one multipurpose tool is a great way to get beautiful looking hair in a short period of time.

Product Description

The Areti all-in-one multi-purpose hair tool is one such product. It uses innovative technology to protect your hair from any kind of damages. With this premium hair tool, you will no longer have to worry about spending time and money on hair styling options that only leave your tresses looking dry and damaged. This tool only leaves your hair looking polished and natural.

This product is a great option when you want to perk up straight hair or transform dull frizzy hair into spectacular tresses. It protects your scalp and hair from drying out too quickly while locking in its natural moisture. Each Areti package also includes a user manual that is easy to read and understand. This document will guide you through the process of using this product safely.

Product Features

Whether you want strong, full bodied curls, wavy tresses, or pin-straight hair, the Areti all-in-one multi-purpose hair tool will help you achieve your preferred look. This 3-in-1 hair iron can be switched easily from one function to the next. This includes a hair straightener, brush iron and curler. It accomplishes this through the use of an easy switch that has a lock function.

Areti hair straightener reviewThis premium hair device uses a sensitive gauge to make exact adjustments to its temperature. It has a range of between 80C and 200C. Like any professional styling tool, this combination tool can get hot enough to use within 60 seconds only. The Areti hair iron also has curving arch plates which do not mark the hair while in use. This leaves you with a very smooth and polished style
It also has a high-quality titanium plate that emits negative ions in order to keep water from evaporating. This helps to minimize hair dangers both during and after use. Furthermore, the Areti hair iron also has a heat guard that protects your skin from burning while using this tool.
Other safety features include a 360-degree swivel cord to prevent tangling and an ability to switch off automatically after 15 minutes. This hair iron also utilizes a global voltage of between 100V and 240V, making it suitable for use all around the world.
Manufactured in Japan, the Areti all-in-one multi-purpose hair tool comes with a bilingual user manual. It is quite small, measuring about 15 by 4 by 3 inches all around. It also weighs only 7.2 ounces and has a shipping weight of approximately 1.3 pounds.


This product gives you a broad variety of interesting new ways to style your hair.
Using this product regularly will leave even the most difficult hair feeling stylish and frizzy free for longer periods of time.
This brush iron uses a heat guard to keep the skin on your hands, neck, and face from getting burned.
This tool has a 360-degree swivel cord that keeps the wire from tangling or coiling up in storage or during use.


As it currently stands, the product’s instructions are skewed towards the Japanese audience. Although the manual has been translated into English, more effort should be made towards providing clearer instructions.
The product is a little expensive.

The Final Word

Despite all this, the Areti premium hair tool is a worthy buy. Many people still think that a hot brush iron will make your locks dry and brittle. However, the truth is you cannot possibly know how your hair will react to any styling method in advance. Experience will help you tweak your routine and find out what works best for you.

Make sure that you use a quality hair tool along with an effective conditioner. This will help to keep your tresses healthy and shiny. Professional stylists have also chimed in here to add the using a hair straightening tool regularly will actually help keep your locks in healthy condition. This is because detangling hair only reveals deeper issues like thinning hair, breakages and split hair early enough.

Furthermore, curly hair requires a whole batch of products to stay manageable and frizz-free. This entire product can build up on the scalp. However, using the Areti hot brush iron makes the scalp more accessible and allows you to wash and treat it.

The Areti all-in-one multi-purpose hair times your scalp and hair all these benefits. It is a more convenient and affordable ways to keep your tresses looking healthy and manageable.

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