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Caring for the hair is an important part of any woman’s beauty regimen. The hair is an accessory that has to be donned daily. To this effect, proper care and maintenance should be accorded. Every woman has a different regimen that works for them. Some love their hair curly and in their natural form while other love to use a wide range of products and tools to manipulate its texture and appearance as well.

The current trend with every modern woman is having curly hair. While this is the natural state of some women’s hair, others have to use various techniques to achieve the look. One of the implements used to make the hair curly is a curling iron. This is a unique and affordable tool that allows you to curl your hair from your home, office or for the more advanced tools while traveling.

A curling iron is a convenient and easy to use that has become a favorite tool for many women. Previously, it was required to be used by the experts and professionals in the industry. This is due to the fact that the curling iron had complex operational features that did not propagate for safe use at home. Over the years, manufacturers and experts have been able to make the product more accessible to the masses. This has been achieved through the adjustment of prices to make them more affordable, the integration of safety features that allow ease of use at home and the general design that makes the curling iron portable.

With all these in mind, it is important to invest in a premium curling iron in order to safeguard your hair and still look good at the same time. A good curling iron will leave your hair looking and feeling much healthier with less time consumption. When choosing a curling iron, it is important to look out for features like speed in heating, and the general safety and functional features. Ask yourself these important questions before making a purchase. This comprehensive guide will make the perfect choice for your hair.

The Features and design

ACEVIVI Curling Iron Tourmaline ReviewThe ACEVIVI Curling Iron Tourmaline Ceramic Coating, Gold Hair Curling Wand features as one of the best curling irons in the market currently. Every ACEVIVI product is designed with the satisfaction of the modern woman in mind. The curling irons are built using only the highest quality materials that ensure the desired results are always achieved.
The curling iron heats up in record time and is also safe and gentle on all type of hair. You are able to curl the hair without having to deal with the damage of severe heat or dryness. It also has an exquisite and ergonomic design that completes the ensemble and increases the performance as well. Once you purchase the curling iron, you will get one curling iron, a heat resistant glove and a detailed user guide that will be useful in helping you use the product safely.

Product Features

The ACEVIVI Curling Iron Tourmaline Ceramic Coating, Gold Hair Curling Wand has longer barrels that are able to curl the hair into longer and bouncier curls. You are also able to achieve loose and tight curls as well as wavy curls as well. The barrel measures .6.18 inches in length.

The hair curler also has a quick heating mechanism that is ideal for those days that you are in a rush to fix your hair. It takes only sixty seconds to heat up and just the same amount of time for heat recovery. The barrel is coated with ceramic and tourmaline that help in releasing negative ions to counter the positive ones that are present in dry and damaged hair. This is important in helping the hair to seal and retain its moisture during the curling process. The result of this is usually less frizz and smoother hair with beautiful curls.

The curling iron has a non-scalding insulated tip and other intricate safety features that ensure you use the device without any malfunctions. It also has a heat resistant glove that protects your hand while using this curling iron. It automatically turns off after thirty minutes of no use. The ACEVIVI Curling Iron Tourmaline Ceramic Coating, Gold Hair Curling Wand has a 360-degree swivel cord that allows you to maneuver while using the curling iron without the possibility of tangling or winding.

It also has a dual voltage feature that allows you to travel and use it in any part of the world. The curling iron has an adjustable temperature and heating setting. You are able to adjust the temperature ranging from 176 °F / 80 °C up to 410 °F / 210 °C to curl any kind of hair. In order to make the most out of the use of this curling iron, use higher temperatures for thick and frizzy hair and use lower temperatures for soft and smooth hair.

Pros and Cons


  • The curling iron gives you a variety of curling options to pick from.
  • It is light in weight and easy to use.
  • This curler heats up quickly and has flexible adjustable temperatures.
  • Product is coated with high-quality ceramic materials that are good for the hair.
  • It has a dual voltage feature that allows you to be able to travel with it and use it internationally.


  • The handle might get too hot during use thereby forcing you to use it with the heat resistant glove found in the package.


The ACEVIVI Curling Iron Tourmaline Ceramic Coating provides your scalp with a myriad of benefits. It serves as an easy and affordable way to maintain the health of your hair and keep it manageable as well. Look also: ACEVIVI Ceramic Steam Hair Curler Review

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