ACEVIVI Ceramic Steam Hair Curler Review


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ACEVIVI Ceramic Steam Auto Hair Curler Review
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Many women can attest to loving curly hair. It is one of the most flattering and yet simple ways to wear the hair. The hair is typically likened to a woman’s ‘baby’ due to the fact that it is fragile and has to be well maintained. As with a baby, the hair is also quite costly to maintain. From buying hair products to going to the salon for regular pampering, you are required to spend an arm and a leg just to ensure that the hair stays in tip top shape.

Modern day advancements have however sought to make hair care easier, cheaper and more convenient. Previously, you had to allocate a whole day to make an appointment for the hair to get some ‘TLC’. For those that love curly hair, this seemed to be a daunting and frustrating task as the time and money to splurge were just not there. Technology has brought about implements that make the process easier and achievable from the comfort of your own home.

ACEVIVI Hair Curler reviewOne of the most notable advancements has been the curling iron. Curly hair is beautiful in all its versatility and volume. Many women prefer donning their hair in a curly consistency as it is a style that is suitable for any day or occasion. To add on this, it also brings out the natural beauty of a woman down to the last feature. Some women are naturally born with curly hair while some have to manipulate the hair to achieve the look.

A curling iron is a useful tool to have in the home on the days you want to rock your hair in bouncy curls. It is the perfect tool to take your hair out of the boring state that it is. However, it is important to note that the market is saturated with myriads of these appliances, some genuine and some a recipe for disaster. So how do you ensure that you have gotten the right curling iron for your hair?

Look out for a curling iron that will give your hair a sophisticated look in a short amount of time.  It should also be durable and have the right amount of heat to curl the hair without causing damage on it. With this in mind, this review is bound to help you in identifying the features of a good hair curler.

Product Description

A sleek design, easy to use and durable; these are among the hallmarks of the ACEVIVI Ceramic Steam Auto Hair Curler Wave Hair Iron Roller. IT features as one of the modern and best hair curlers in the market today. The design and features have been designed to ensure that the user gets utmost value for money.
The ACEVIVI Ceramic Steam Auto Hair Curler Wave Hair Iron Roller is made from high-quality materials that ensure its durability and safety when in use without compromising the desired results. It is compatible with all hair types and comes in a sleek black color that will complement your dressing table. Inside the package is a hair curler and a comprehensive user manual to take you through the basic steps of using the appliance safely.

Product Features

The ACEVIVI Ceramic Steam Auto Hair Curler is equipped with a steam spray. This basically releases stem to the hair and the result is hair that is impeccably and professionally curled. The presence of this steam helps to protect the hair from heat damage while it is on the wand. The steam is also important in ensuring that the hair does not dry out.

It is also fitted with an LCD display screen that helps you to easily read the temperature settings. As part of the safety features installed in the curler, you are able to adjust the temperatures according to your preference. It is also light in weight and very easy to hold while using. The device has six temperature levels with temperatures ranging from 180℃-230℃ adjustable for long lasting results. It can curl the hair in up to three curl directions; left, right and auto. Three curl directions means that you are able to achieve three different sets of curls and also style your hair in three different ways.

The ACEVIVI Ceramic Steam Hair Curler has an automatic off feature that turns the curler off if it is not used for up to sixty minutes. While in use, the beeping tone will prompt you when the device has been adequately heated up and is ready for use. After the hair is curled, it beeps again to signal you to move to the next strand.

The hair curler is made of ceramic materials that have been constantly recommended for all types of hair. This is due to the fact that these kinds of materials have no detrimental effects on hair. The design is complete with a flawless piano paint finish that gives it an attractive look.

Pros and Cons


  • It is very easy and safe to assemble and use.
  • Product has three different variations of curling options which give you a variety to pick from.
  • This hair curler is made using high-quality materials that ensure you optimize your use through the lifespan of the curler.
  • It consumes low power which makes the curler eco-friendly.


  • The only disadvantage with this appliance is that it comes in only one color, black.


Sometimes, what you need to brighten your day up is a set of curls. They give you the much-needed confidence and style to go through your days with ease. Curling your hair is the easiest way to look fabulous and professional in a short amount of time. Selecting a good curling iron is paramount so that your hair can get just what it needs
The AnGeer Ceramic Steam Auto Hair Curler is the best curler to give you a variety of curls to wear each day. From its versatility to its safety and functional features, it is no doubt that this hair curler is one of the best in the market.

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