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What is the best curling iron for you?
Hello, my name is Sonia. I will try to write a comprehensive guide and reviews of the best hair curlers as one of our family staff…
I hope my advice will be very helpful to you!
So let’s start!

There are thousands of different kinds, brands, special features, and functions of every product. We do not have parameters for which to choose yet. We start to ask ourselves:

What is the best curling iron on the market?

Hmm, it’s a good question but we are all different and sometimes it just doesn’t work. I bought two curling irons before I got the right one. The first one was not convenient for use because of the handle, another one was too long.
So, the best seller on the market might be not the best curling iron for you.

My TOP picks

One Step Hair Dryer Hot Air Brush

Brush style curling iron

  • Ceramic coating will not ruin your hair.
  • As positively charged ions protect hair from damage.
  • the cord has a turn of 360 degrees
  • Be used on dry hair.
  • The tool is made of high-temperature plastic.

hair curlers

Spring Curling Iron

  • Much more powerful than a conventional curling iron.
  • Spring reliable clip, very convenient to fix the curls. Plating 24K Gold!
  • Very rapid heating allows you to start with the hair instantly!
  • A tip that does not heat up will help not burn your fingers.
  • Swivel cord allows you to use the tool both at home and professionals.

hair curlers

Marcel Curling Iron

  • Professional curling iron 24K Gold-plated.
  • High temperature allows you to create very elastic curls!
  • Pulse Technology® system does not allow the tool to overheat.
  • It has a rheostat which helps to control the heating.

Chromatique Professional Style Select 3in1 Curler Clipless Curling Iron Wand CP056

Clipless Wand Curling Iron

  • Convenient sleek design and fast heating!
  • Three temperature control settings.
  • Barrel covered with ceramic and tourmaline coating.

Reviews from customers

Yes, of course, I know that the reviews from customers play a huge role in determining what to buy. A customer tries the product and if he likes it, he leaves a good review. I do not want to be boring, but sometimes it can be fake. It’s a pity but it is life.

beautiful hair

The best hair curlers on the market can be used even by someone with no experience, and you can get beautiful hair and the curls you want within the brief quantity of your energy and effort at all. A number of different types have now been designed and are available to help make the process faster and simpler, such as color brushes, flat irons, cordless irons, and much more.
The hairs are essential in the life of human beings. The way you look and how you style your hair is a statement about who you are. That is why styling your hair is an important decision to make. Different kinds of hairstyles can be used. But for most women with long hair, having natural-looking curls is the recommended style. (I really believe in it!)

In connection with this, many different types of curling irons surface. They come in different functions and sizes particularly when it comes to the type of curls that you like. Well, there are lots of things that you need to think about when shopping for the best curling iron. These usually involve heat setting, the type of curl, and the quality. (Who said it will be easy?))

What are these factors which you need to know about curling irons?

Temperature Settings

A top high-quality curling iron will come equipped with variable temperature settings. Some designs allow setting the temperature manually. The thicker your hairs are, the higher the heat setting you need to set. Please, keep in mind honey, that the higher the temperature the more chances of damaging your beautiful hair.

Brittle, fragile, thin hair250-300 F
Colored300-350 F
Thin and curly320-350 F
Medium thickness340-360 F
Dense, thick350-380 F
Curly360-380 F
African American360-420 F

Type of Curls

You must know what type of curl you want to acquire because different curling irons have their own way of curling your hair. If you want to ensure that you get the most out of a curling iron, you need to check on the size of its barrel. The barrel is the one accountable for the curls. The size of the barrel performs a key role in providing the size of curl that you want. Usually, the size may differ from an inch to rather a few inches.

Curling Iron Size

Curling irons have different sizes. Each size works completely on a certain hair type. A thin hair needs a small size of curling iron offering it with ideal curls. If you have thick hairs, you will need an iron with a bigger barrel because it can create bigger size curls.


There are several materials of which hair curlers are made of metal, ceramic, tourmaline, titanium. They all have their own function for certain types of hairs. Keep in mind that the material of the coating is one of the most vital factors that you need to consider when purchasing your own curling iron. The ceramic curling iron is said to be the most well-liked nowadays. It is ideal for ladies with damaged hair. This type of iron helps provide moisture to hair. It prevents dryness and hair brittleness.

Get the Best Size

The size of the barrel varies if you want tight curls or loose waves, so make a choice on the design and style you want to give your hair so you can choose the right-sized curling iron. As with flat irons, 1 inch is the standard size and can be used for virtually every type of hair.

Consider the Hair Type

Heat is incredibly essential when it comes to different hair types, so don’t overlook it when choosing your curling iron. For frizzy and thick hair, a curling iron that is capable of doing at least 410°F is best since stubborn hair needs intense heat; while thin, normal, and fragile hair must not surpass 150°F.

Check for Features

Although many designs have a variety of features, the only features you really need are a long swivel cord, an on/off button, and a good temperature range. So don’t go for something costly just because it has more to play with. But it’s completely your choice.

Which plate cover to choose

Metal coating

Metal coating – is the cheapest option for coating. If the price is the most important condition for you, then you will have to buy a metal one.
BUT! I always warn my clients from buying metal curling irons. The price of such a hair curler will be low, but you will need to spend money after for additional masks, treatment, or even a haircut (in the most horrible cases). The metal plates heat up very quickly and curl hair well, but they are very very traumatic! You can get brittle hair and split ends. Sorry! Cheap but dangerous.

Ceramic coating

Ceramic coating – is more expensive than metal, but much safer. The heat of the ceramic does not burn the hair. Ceramic coating smoothes the hair evenly over the entire length. The only thing is that it heats up more slowly than metal. I prefer to wait a bit rather than damage my client’s hair. Good choice!

Tourmaline coating

Tourmaline coating – usually applied to ceramic. In my view, it’s the most optimal version. Such curling irons carefully smooth the hair along the length, completely eliminating the possibility of “burning” the hair. It also closes flakes along the entire length. It reduces the fragility of the hair. Very good choice!

Titanium coating

Titanium coating – does not over dry or electrify the hair.
This type of plate treads quickly warm up, they can be used for any type of hair even thin, weakened, and damaged. Titanium plates are durable, resistant to mechanical and chemical damage. Very often professionals prefer such types of curling irons. They also are much more expensive than others. Posh choice!

These are the main types of coating plates. Sometimes there are hybrids on the market, but in my experience, it’s worth choosing from this list of coatings. The other species affect the price more than the quality or result.

Many small curls? Large curls? Maybe just waves in the style of Hollywood divas? It’s up to you, honey!

So, tight curls are easy to get with a curling wand or iron that has a small barrel – 1 inch or even less.

Large barrels will give you a wave rather than curls. Also, I have to say that long hair needed a larger barrel.
Manufacturers create something all the time so, you can find many other types of curling tools in the market.

What Types of curling irons you can find

Brush curler

Brush curler – contains brush bristles all around the curling iron. It’s very comfortable for people who don’t have too much skill for hair styling. Especially, devices with rotating the brush, you will get good style quickly. Sometimes I recommend it for my elder clients because it’s easy to hold it and operate with it. With such a brush you are getting, perfectly smooth strands with slightly twisted ends. Simple and easy!

Curling iron with several barrels

Curling iron with several barrels – is a combination of several cylinders, which warm up evenly. It looks a bit scary but works well on a certain hair length (below shoulder). Such curling irons are designed to create zigzag curls. You need to use a thermal glove with the device because it may be dangerous. It’s not convenient for medium-length or short hair cuts. Good one, but you have to get a skill for using it.

Just need to approach the issue with maximum seriousness. Well, do you understand me? Almost like to choose a husband!
Every curl needs its own tool!

Metal curling irons with steam

Metal curling irons with steam – work great on hair that doesn’t hold a curl very easily, since they use steam to shape the hair into the preferred curl. Although the metal barrel can take away some of the moisture from the hair, it is replaced by steam to prevent the hair from being damaged (pretty clever). They work unsurpassed on thin hair since they make it possible to hold a curl even when your hair is not strong enough to hold it on its own. Be really careful Dear! Please, use it if you have tried the other ones and they don’t work on your hair. Remember, metal is not healthy for your hair!

Spring Curling Iron

These irons are the recommended and cheap curl iron available in the market. Regularly purchased by non-professionals, due to the fact that they are the most convenient to use the three types. There is a small spring that automatically closes the clamp on the barrel and then you mutually open the clamp using a convenient thumbs handle. If you don’t have the skill of curling give it a try.

Marcel Curling Iron

These irons are frequently used by professionals (uh..I love it!) but are quite complicated to use until you have become acquainted with them. They need you to open and close the clamp with the use of several fingers. Also, the handle spins so you can rotate the curling iron without the use of both of your hands, which makes them ideal for the beauty salon environment. Actually, not very easy to use on yourself. Better to use on somebody.

Clipless Wand Curling Iron

Clipless wand curling iron doesn’t contain a clamp. Instead, the user individually packages each hair strand around the heated barrel. They are very easy to use and provide outstanding results. Also, most come with a heat-resistant glove to help protect both your hands from burns. I love that! They are working both ways!

Why use a curling iron at all?

1. We all get tired of our hairstyles. Sometimes I want to change everything without changing anything! To keep from rash steps, just try to play with various adaptations. A hair iron for waving is great for this.

2. It’s fast! You can instantly prepare for the night out, even if you were invited unexpectedly to a party. Even a few well-curled waves around your face immediately give a fresh and beautiful look.

3. This is said quite often, but a very strong argument is that you will save money on a visit to the salon.

4. If you have fluffy and naughty hair, then they will look smoother, as using a waving iron will smooth the scales of the hair. Even if you have curly hair and you do not want to change the design and style, but just want to make it much better and manageable, a curling iron is your best partner.

5. And finally – It’s just beautiful!

How to use a hair curler?

Girls, I have good news for you! It’s very simple! Compared to rollers that can be annoyingly difficult to use for those who are not used to doing this, irons for waving are simple and easy.
In our time, twist strands every day and go to bed with them, this is really hard to imagine!

How to Use a Curling Iron without Damaging Your Hair?

This is one of the most important moments girls!
The first thing you should understand is that the curling iron works with heat as a key way of effectively shaping your hair. Heat can be a great source of damage to the hair. Most of us use hair dryers our hair every day. Add curling to it, and you will get a formula for dry hair and split ends.

1. What do we need first of all? Protection!
You need to invest in high-quality hair shampoo and freshener.

2. Then, you need to buy a protective spray. Sometimes it seems that it is not necessary, your hair will withstand the effects of heat but believe my experience this is not so! At some point, you will suddenly find that your hair is hopelessly corrupted! To prevent such a surprise – use a protective spray!

3. Weekly hair masks! Masks are mandatory. This will mitigate the effects of using curler iron.

4. Temperature control. I very much recommend you girls, buy appliances with adjustable temperature. You just put the right temperature for your type of hair and calmly do your hairstyle. The appliance will not heat more than you need.

5. If you plan to use this every day the quality of the device should be very good. Coating of the plates is especially important. Any special features are convenient, but it is more likely for rare use. The best curling iron for a daily routine is just about a quality coating!

6. Give your hair a week rest after 2-3 weeks of everyday use.
Make a treatment with masks and oils.

Once again, The technology of the barrel is definitely an essential component.

There are 4 essential technology features:

Ceramic IonicMakes smooth shiny hair instantly while removing frizz
TourmalineFilled into the plates is tourmaline which provides negative ions to nullify the hair’s positive charge. This consequently makes smooth, relaxed, shiny hair lengths
MetalLess expensive, bigger, can take up to 5 minutes to acquire full heat
TitaniumHard yet smooth surface, lightweight strength, resilient, static free hair, in the same way, distributes heat across the hair

Hair Types and Barrel Size

There is a particular type that is best appropriate for your type of hair. Using the appropriate type determines how well the curl will hold and how long it will last.

Flat / Thin / Bleached / Fine / Damaged Hair3/4 to 1-1/2 inch barrel; curls last longer
Normal Hair1 to 2-inch barrel
Thick Coarse HairLarge barrel 1-1/4 to 2 inch

Hair Length and Barrel Size

Short HairSmall, 3/4 to 1-1/4 inch barrel
Medium Hair / Shoulder Length1 to 1-1/2 inch barrel
Long Hair1-1/4 to 2-1/2 inch barrel

Want Curls?

Depending on the curl you are trying to acquire will figure out the type of product to use.

Spiral CurlsMost commonly used for dances and weddings, use a 3/4 inch curling iron
Formal / Casual Styles1 inch (3/4 inch and 1-1/4 inch may also be used)
Loose Curls / Waves1-1/4 inch
Loose Waves1-1/2 inch

What is the Difference between the Types of Tools?

What is so special about a curling iron?” Well, you will be able to develop many different curls and waves while using only one tool. You will save time and I really believe that Curling irons are one of the best tools that can provide you with those amazing, attractive curls that you have always dreamed of, within a few minutes!
I will share my experience and tips on how to use different tools on this website and really hope that it will be useful for your, my dear!

Welcome to the World of Curls!